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Starting a Web Hosting Business, part 1
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Shared web hosting - the best small business hosting solution
It is very important to for any one entering into the web business to choose the right web-partners. If you get the right solutions at the right time from your web partners, even a small-web business start-up of yours can fast grow up to...

Affordable Web Hosting Options


If you are looking for a place to host your web site and make yourself known on the internet, you may have been considering several web hosting offers and, probably, do not know which offer will suit your needs best.

This article intends to be a small but helpful guide on making the right decision. The essential thing is to think about what use you will make of your site.

If you intend to place just a couple of personal pages, some pictures of your pet or your kids and home, then you should choose one of the several free hosting services available on the internet. These hosting providers offer free web space to publish your pages; in return for their services they place advertisements (on the form of banners or pop-up screens), but since it is not a professional site it does not matter much.

However, if you intend to put your business site online to attract customers, a free hosting will look unprofessional, and will keep customers away rather that attract them.

But, if free hosting is out of the question... Which one will be both useful and affordable? Well, you must consider this yourself, having in mind your specific needs and potential services or products you will be offering. For instance, if you plan to expand your business in the future, it sounds right to choose a hosting provider that will allow you to add more space for your site when you need it, and also database capability for your products and clients.

There is a lot of convenient hosts out there, you should compare equal to equal; I mean, found two web hosting packages with similar (or equal) characteristics and then compare all prices, both set-up costs, regular payments and additional costs, such as price per extra database or bandwidth.

I am sure that, if you take the time to compare among providers, you will find an affordable web hosting solution.

About the author:

Tamara Williams will be providing content for a hosting review website called Affo rdable Web Hosting Packages this blog will keep people informed of tips, advice and information.

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