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What Type of Web Hosting is Best for You?
Copyright Dave Summits. You can distribute this article, but you must keep the author box which is included at the bottom. How to Choose the Right Type of Web Hosting by Dave Summits Are you confused with all of the different types of web...

40,000 new blogs are started daily - how your web hosting business can cash in
The fact that an estimated 40,000 new blogs are being started daily should be of great interest to anybody already in the web hosting business or intending to go into it. Especially those planning to go into the business as affiliates or as...

A Note on Free Web Hosting


There are literally thousands of places to get Free web hosting. Maybe you already have one. Are you happy with it? Do you wish you could do away with the advertising you must put up with?

There a number of reasons why you should not use free web hosting. If you only have a personal website for friends or family, than a free website is fine. However, if you are trying to sell a product or attract people to your website, it is a bad idea. Here is why.

1. Free Websites have no guarantee. They may be here today gone tomorrow.

2. Free websites usually put ads on their website, making your website look like an advertising medium for who knows what product.

3. Who is going to remember the long domain name.

4. A personalized business domain name is much easier to remember.

5. If I am interested in your service or product, and you have a free website, I am assuming that you are not offering a serious product or service.

Web Hosting is much cheaper than it used to be. You also get tons and tons of options with the plans these days.
If you are interested in seeing plans from a number of different providers, check out www.bestwebhostingco.com.

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J. Ratliff offers a website for people looking for the best web hosting at www.bestwebhostingco.com.

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