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"How To Write Effective Ezine Ads...& Then Some"
When writing an ezine ad, there is a big mistake that most people make when writing an ad. That is, they try to sell something in those ads, and there is a good reason why you don't want to do that. Let's think about this for a second, if it...
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Triple Your Profits Easily With The Right "USP"


Convinced you have a fantastic idea for your online business and can't understand why you're not making a big profit yet?

If you're seeking your very own Internet fortune and have developed an online business, you know there are a lot of steps involved. You've registered your winning domain name, hosted it, put together your business plan, etc. You've thought very carefully about your products or services and you're looking forward to the day the orders rush in.

But have you woven what makes you unique through your business model? What is going to cause the web surfer to click your order button as opposed to gliding over to your competitor's order form?

Have you developed your "USP"? You may ask, "What's that?" It's your "Unique Selling Proposition". What makes your business and website different from all the rest? How do you separate yourself from the pack?

We're sure you're very aware of how fast the Internet is. People are busy in today's "keep moving" culture. If your website doesn't grab their attention and keep it, they are off to the next one faster than you can ask your bank rep, "What's the latest I can send my mortgage payment in again?"

Realize that most people are going to do a little research before they buy. We do this all the time and we're sure you do, too. Don't you search a lot of sites, bookmark the ones that look good and then go back and buy from the one you feel will benefit you the most? Maybe they have the best guarantee, the best service, the best quality, the best price. Or their USP makes some connection with you, right?

Coca Cola - "I Want To Break Free"

UPS - "What Can Brown Do For You?"

Subway - "Choose Well"

- Get the idea?

If you can come up with a Unique Selling Proposition that resonates with your prospects, you will flourish. We promise. Try to get in touch with your prospects' emotions. What is it that they really want from you? Do they want to ultimately lose 30 pounds, be in shape like they were when they were 25, make an extra $2000 a month or maybe $100,000 a year?

Here's your homework. Pay very close attention to all the "USP's" you see on TV, magazines, billboards and, of course, the Internet. You can't copy anyone but it will help you see what pulls the attention in.

Come up with a phrase that captures exactly how your prospect will feel or benefit after doing business with you and they will bookmark you, not your competitor. Capture exceptionally well how unique your business is, how wonderfully better off they'll be after working with you and you may not have to wait at all. They may just decide to go ahead and click that order button right now.

David Huizar and Matthew Zavadil (http://www.zero2hero2day.com) have a combined 14 years experience in business building and coaching. They focus on empowering you to "Unleash the Wealth Inside You" and gaining freedom through the wonders of Internet business. For more FREE information on Affiliate Marketing, send a blank email to mailto:affiliatemaster@aweber.com

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