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The Information Publisher's Secret Resource Guide To Blow Customers Away!


Have you ever heard the saying, "Give and you shall receive"?

Well, with information publishing, this saying is one of the most important you will ever hear. Let me explain:

Whether you are providing your information product in a book, an e-book, a manual, or a video, if you want your customer to buy from you again, you must provide in your product value that he or she can directly apply to his/her life.

The more value you provide, the more satisfied the customer… And a satisfied customer leads to a lifetime client, and a lifetime fan will gladly refer others to you.

So, why should you remember the saying, "Give and you shall receive"? Well, if you give value, you will receive the benefits of a satisfied customer. You have to give value before you can receive value.

Now, you're probably wondering how you can provide substantial value to your customers so that your information goes in one ear and turns on a light bulb that says, "Eureka!… that is some powerful stuff that I can use immediately!"

Well, if you are wondering about this very question, you're in luck because if you look below you will discover the five keys that you will want to print out, stick on your wall, and use every time you sit down to create an information product.

1. Connect with your customer and build rapport. Show that you are human, also. You can do this by talking about a failure in your life and how you turned it around, an obstacle that you overcame, or a person that influenced your life and business.

The bottom line is you want to your customer to feel as though you were in their very same position, and you can relate to their situation. This immediately builds credibility because the customer begins to see you as a friend, instead of just an investment.

2. "That's great, but What's It Going To Do For Me?" As the customer views your product, this is the MOST important question they have… So, answer it! Be sure to point out how they are going to very clearly benefit from the information you are giving to them.

3. In the introduction of your product, always give your best promise of what you expect to deliver to the client. Do you expect to show the client how he can make an extra $1,509 a month? Lose 23 pounds? Save 139,403,839 seconds a year? If so, let the client know what kind of value he is about to receive.

4. "Alright, saving 139,403,839 seconds a year sounds great, but this sounds too difficult." The next question the customer wonders after finding out what your information can do for him is if they can do it… So, let him or her know "Yes, You Can and here's why…!"

5. Let the customer know possible potential return on investment if they utilize the information you are providing. In other words, tell the customer the end result as to what your information can do for him. Will the customer master weaving, writing, or what ever your product is showing him what to do?

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