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Promote Your Business With Dogs, Cats, and Rats


Here's a fascinating idea..

Having noticed that there always seemed to be many stray cats and dogs in his neighborhood, it occurred to a clever pet shop owner that he could use cheap animal collars and attach an advertising message to those potential 24 hour, walking "billboards".

He also dressed them up with animal "shirts" that had his web site address printed all over them.

After unleashing about 30 four legged "salesmen" into his unsuspecting neighborhood, he struck advertising gold when his local TV and radio stations noticed the unusual "phenomenon" of "uniformed" animals. This got him thousands of dollars worth of mass media advertising almost totally free.

Imagine the media coverage you could get if this idea was used on a bigger scale, perhaps trying to break a Guinness World Record!

Terence Tan is the founder of HugeAffiliates.com, a website dedicated towards the development of Multi Level Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business. Visit http://hugeaffiliates.com to learn how MLAPs can multiply your affiliate referral commissions.

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