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Of Habits, Focus and Success in Online Marketing


Of Habits, Focus and Success in Online Marketing
by Ed Duvall

"Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee".
- John Donne

The above literary quote may or may not be familiar
to you. Its' meaning - We are all mortal, and we share
the pain of our fellow man. When one suffers a loss - we
may all collectively suffer the same loss in a spirtual,
compassionate or physical way.

In general it's been said more people fear suffering a loss,
or losing something, than most any other situation. You
should keep that in mind as you pursue developing your
online business.

Here's a quick, if not funny, glimpse into how not to be
successful online ...perhaps we've all shared this very

Does this sound familiar?

You're working on being a successful online marketer.
You get up early (always have been an early riser) have a
light breakfast then go into the den and turn on the

Hurriedly check email to see if (by accident) I might have
made any kind of sale overnight. This seems quite time
consuming, given all of the spam and the fact those email
accounts now total 21.

Guess what. Low and behold another night went by and I
didn't make a dime.

How could that be?

I've got a website. It's interactive, it has plenty of content
and I've included dozens of links to affiliate products. The
traffics good - 200+ visitors a day.

Wait a minute I better get back to checking email, something
might be popping. Yep, sure enough there's another terrific
money making opportunity that I know sounds to good to
be true, but hey I'm willing to take the risk - so I'm going
to check it out.

Wait a minute, before I do I think I'll go to google and do
a little research. That's always a good thing. Researching
(or surfing) for an hour maybe more, it's such a blur. I better
go back to check my email again.

W-O-W, these opportunities are endless. This one here
sounds golden I better do a little more research on it before
I make a decision... Back to google again.

Well - what do you know it's 5:30 PM I better take a little
break - wifey's getting a little agitated about me not getting
all those things done around the house I promised to do
today, well ok - for the month, ok, ok the last 6 months -
alright, alright - the last 12 months.

Well maybe things will be better tomorrow. I know, I'll write
up a quick list of things to do to make my website more
profitable and really work on it first thing in the morning,
and then get some of those things done around the house.

Yea right, we know how it goes. You might get a thing
or 2 done but after that....boy that email really piles up,
doesn't it!

Now I ask you again - does that sound familiar?

Too many times we get caught up in trying to find 'the next
big thing', that we look right past what we should be doing.

That was me a few years ago until I learned how being
unfocused on your goals really can lead you to an
unsuccessful online marketing life.

But what can you do about going from a routine like that
above to one where you're more productive and making
money online?

It's simple really. Focus and concentrate your energy on
learning about and pursuing 1 single opportunity that
interest's you.

The patterns that you exhibit in your online marketing
efforts are not just about online marketing - they are
perhaps long term patterns ingrained into your
subsciouncess since childhood or early adolescence.

At least that's the excuse I've used in the past.

A habit is a habit is a habit. I didn't say hobbit either.
There are good habits and bad habits, and believe me
it is much easier breaking a good habit than breaking
a bad habit.


Because bad habits are usually developed because
they are the easiest route to getting something done
or avoiding what needs to be done. And good habits
require hard work and discipline to put into, and keep,
in place.

How are you going to develop the habits that you need
in order to achieve online success?

Well here's a few quick tips to get you started in the
right direction.

1 - Determine what it is that you really want to do online.
If you say you're a marketing site then you're going to be
selling merchandise, digital or otherwise. Marketing requires
advertising, promoting and copywriting (not necessarily in
that order). You need to study & learn those skills.

2 - Find an use quality marketing and technology tools
and resources. Automate everything you can.

3 - Spend some time away from your computer reflecting
on and planning the marketing of your business.

4 - Read up-to-date marketing ebooks, books, etc..

5 - Stop wasting your time downloading, saving software
& info, and bookmarking sites you'll probably never use.

6 - Pick one opportunity and focus on how you can be
successful at it.

7 - If you don't understand how something works, like
technology, websites, etc set aside some time to study
and learn about it.

8 - Study copywriting techniques. It's the lifeblood of
any site that wants to make money. Learn how to talk
to people using words on a page.

Focus, discipline and hard work are the real way to get and
keep the success on line that you desire. You can start
to focus on the things you may need to do by taking a look
at some articles that deal with aspects of online marketing.
located in my Article Directory here:


One final thought.

If you decide to move in a positive direction toward your
goals as related to online marketing and not checking emails
and surfing, then know this - you will move ahead of 99% of
the other un-focused marketers on the net and perhaps this
time achieve the dreams and goals you've been after.

Ed Duvall is webmaster for http://www.cashway.com
and http://www.instantnettraffic.com providing internet marketing resources, articles, tactics and strategies to help you with your online business. Reprint this article as long as resource box is not changed.
Copyright 2005 cashway.com


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