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Looong and boooring Sales letters.


Looong and boooring Sales letters.

You have all seen them,the sales letters that never ends.
They go on and on about how this product can do this and that.
The product can often be very good and have all the features
you are looking for.But I think that many of the sales letters
that have the task of selling products,are too long and boring.

* First, it's a long list of problems that you might have,
which this product can help you with.

* Then there are all the testimonials.I've seen products with
20 testimonials on the sales letter.It's fine with good testimonials,
but 2-4 of these are enough in my eyes.

*Benefits and more benefits.Some sales letters are just so full
of hype and over the top promises about the product,
that it just puts me off.

*But the most annoying thing is when I can't find the price.
It's almost impossible to find.It's often the
thing that are mentioned least of all.
And sometimes you have to click the buy now button
before the price is revealed.It's as if they are afraid
you will leave the site if you know the price upfront.
If I think the price is too high I will leave anyway.
It's of no use hiding it.

When I'm looking at a sales letter,I'm skimming all the content.
Most of the time I'm just reading the headlines of each paragraph.
And I don't think that I'm the only one that use this method.
If there are some special features I might want to know about,
I try to find a list of features or benefits on the sales letter.
It's ok to read one or two testimonials.
And also a decent guarantee.

If I think the product looks promising,I want to know the price,
which should be easy to find in big numbers.
Nothing puts me more off then not finding the price.
Well,if I find that the price is fair I might buy.

If the product is complex and with a lot of features,or if you
think you have to write long letters to sell your product,
I think it's better to have one page for each part of the sales letter.
You could have one page for the benefits/features,
one page for testimonials and so on.
Then make a summary of each page and put that
together to one sales letter.

Now you have a sales letter with one or two testimonials.
Under them you can have a link which says something like
"Click here for more testimonials"
When the people that want to read more of them
click the link,they come to your page with all the testimonials.

Do the same with features/benefits.List five or ten features
and then have a link to your page with all the features.
You can do this with every part of your letter.
Just remember to have a link on each of the pages directly to
your payment processor with of course the price mentioned
and the guarantee.

I can't speak for everybody, of course.But when I want to buy
something,I don't mind clicking some links
if I want more information.
What I do mind is when I have to read long pages of text
with a lot of big words and promises,before I find what
I'm looking for.
Torgeir Sunnarvik, Norway mailto:webmaster@everypleasures.com Torgeir Sunnarvik is the owner and webmaster of http://www.everypleasures.com/ His site offer free ebooks, ebooks with reprint rights and marketing articles.


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