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The Truth About Joint Ventures
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How To Start A Linking Campaign


Getting links to a new website, without Google page rank, can be
difficult and sometimes nearly impossible. Most of the websites
that have a good page rank in the first place, don't link back
to sites without page rank. Some of the webmasters won't even
link back to sites unless they have a page rank of 4 or more.

Everybody knows that link popularity is one of the most important
factors for getting high search engine rankings. So getting links
in to your site should be one of your main goals in your everyday
work for your site.

I struggled hard in the beginning. I sent hundreds of link
requests every day. If I was lucky, I got one link back. It was
simply too much work considering I did not get much in return.
Now I know that I should have done things a little different.

First of all, I should have started out by sending my link to
web directories, instead of using my time asking for links from
webmasters that will not link back most of the time.

Including your link in various web directories is often the
easiest way of getting good links to your site. Many of the
directories are free and don't require a reciprocal link.

Second, I started writing articles about the theme of my site.

This seems to be the best way of getting links and targeted
traffic. In the beginning, it can be a little hard to find
things to write about. The main thing is to write about the
theme of your website. For instance, writing about dogs when
your site is about cats won't get you the visitors that you

When you write an article that has some relevance to your site,
you will get targeted visitors when they click the link at the
bottom of your article. And by using your targeted keywords in
the link description, you will get higher link popularity.


This site shows major directories, targeted directories, and
directories from all over the world. The site is updated every
week with new directory listings.

This site features an alphabetical list of free directories.
It also shows the page rank for each directory they list.


A very high traffic site with high page rank.

This site offers a paid distribution service for your articles.
It's worth every penny. Your article and link is spread all over
the Internet with each article that you distribute through their


There are many other linking strategies that you can use to get
targeted traffic to your site. One of the ebooks that I recommend
about linking, is "Power Linking 2: Evolution."

I learned almost everything I know about linking from this ebook.
It is worth every penny I spent to purchase it as well.

Torgeir Sunnarvik, Norway mailto:webmaster@everypleasures.com Torgeir Sunnarvik is the owner and webmaster of http://www.everypleasures.com/ His site offer free ebooks, ebooks with reprint rights and marketing articles.


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