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Reciprocal Linking Overload-Any old link back will do?
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How To Fire Up Your Link Popularity


When I first started out in Internet marketing, reciprocal linking was one of the techniques that I was required to master.

Left, right and center gurus were telling me of the importance of having my website link on as much websites as possible. But most did not say how to go about doing it.

After contacting several webmasters with the aim of exchanging links, all flatly refused. Maybe it was because I was on a free host or maybe I was still green in the business.

I tried several different ways but they all had the same result. Nada. Zilch. No links coming my way. Then I found it. The best linking strategy.

It was so simple I could not believe it. And it was right there under my nose. Many successful marketers were using it and accomplishing much. What was that secret weapon ? Article writing.

Writing articles and submitting them to article banks, directories and content sites will increase your link popularity. And it is all for free.

All you have to do is write an informative article which contains valuable information for your target audience. After editing, proofreading and formatting you can now submit it for the world to see.

You can go to most search engines and type in “submit your -------- article” and you will find thousands if not millions of places to submit to. Choose those that suit your topic the best.

Over a period of time, your work will start appearing on websites and ezines (Electronic newsletters) online. After reading your article, your prospect may visit your website if they are interested.

After doing this for some time, you will notice the difference. Your articles will start appearing on websites with your link in the resource box. And soon your link popularity goes up which in turn boosts your search engine rankings.

Writing articles is the ultimate linking strategy. Start doing it today and you may soon find your link on hundreds of websites.

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