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Internet Affiliate Marketing 101 - It's All About Relationships
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How To Create Instantly Compelling Ads Every Time


Use This Quick 3-Question Evaluation Process… And You Can Be Sure That Your Message Will Sell!

Evaluation #1: “Well, I Would Hope So!” When you make a claim, don’t think about it in terms of coming out of your mouth…think of it in terms of it entering your prospects ears. Then you’ll realize how ridiculous some claims sound. Whenever you make a claim, ask yourself if the prospect will immediately echo this response: “Well, I would hope so!” For instance, an insurance agency faxed me the following reason to choose them over their competitors: “We will be there for you when you have a claim.” Well I would hope so! You’re an insurance agency! Isn’t that what you do?

These statements are about like the haircutter telling you that your hair will be shorter after it’s cut, or the gas station telling you you’ll have more gas after you fill the tank. Always, always, always ask this important evaluation question whenever you make any claim. It will improve your effectiveness by 500% immediately.

Evaluation #2: “Who Else Can Say That?” Pay close attention to this one; the question is not who else can do what you do. The question is who else can say what you say. The answer is usually…anybody and everybody. We consulted with an auto repair facility that was by FAR the most awesome business of its kind. They put competitors out of business every year-and devour their market share in the process. Small problem: Even though nobody could even come close to performing at their level, their yellow page ad looked virtually identical to all of their cheesy competitors.

Try This: Look at your ad and look at your competitors ad, if you can cross out your name on your ad and replace it with your competitor or vice versa, and the ad is still valid, you failed the test! You failed to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Evaluation #3: The Specificity Challenge. I could write an entire book on this subject…but suffice it to say for sake of this newsletter that you need to quantify all of your claims. Businesses fail to create a compelling case to buy their product or service. Instead they ask for their consumers business for no justifiable, rational reason. Quantify them in terms of:

1. Specifically How Are You different?

2. Compared To What?

3. Why Can You Do That?

4. What’s Your Advantage?

If You Want To Distinguish Your Business From The Competition… Build A Case Like An Attorney Would.

You need to realize that your business is on trial. Your customers and prospects are the jury. You’re the attorney. And it’s a life or death sentence. What will you say that will convince them to buy from you? What kind of specific evidence can you produce to PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt that they’d be a fool not to buy from you?

Get a FREE Analysis of Your Advertising! Simply email it to support@mymondemand.com or fax it to us at (650) 649-2221 and “Stop Wasting Your advertising dollars.”

Good luck with your marketing efforts.

Marc Gamble

Principal Consultant

MYM On-Demand Virtual Marketing Training Program


Marc Gamble, the author, teaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals how to acheive bigger, bottom line results from their advertising & marketing efforts without spending more time, effort, or money. Learn marketing strategies and tactics to separate yourself from your competition and become the obvious choice to do business with. To learn more about how to improve your own Marketing Efforts and Achieve Better Results, visit: http://www.MYMOnDemand.com. Email: mgamble@mymondemand.com


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