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Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

One of our local realtors recently mailed an attention-grabbing postcard, stating YOU DON’T “SORT OF” WANT TO SELL YOUR HOME---AND WE’RE NOT ABOUT TO “KIND OF” MARKET IT.

Duh --- how many online entrepreneurs do take that approach and only kind of market their business, as if they only sort of want to build it?

Our local realtor goes on to state that she will “spend the advertising dollars necessary to sell your home…”

Are you, as an entrepreneur, willing to spend the advertising dollars necessary to build your business?

What does the homeowner want to accomplish? He wants to sell the home quickly, easily, and for the most money possible!

What does your customer want? A customer wants a product or service that is convenient, easy to use, and worth what he paid for it.

What does your potential downline distributor want? The distributor wants a high-quality business that can be easily and economically promoted and at the same time, have the potential to make the most money possible!

Now, do you think that my local realtor is just kind of trying to sell real estate? No, you’d better believe that she is trying very hard to please the customer. Bottom line: if she pleases the customer, sells the property, and has produced a good relationship with her customer, she will receive referral business and --- make more money!

How many other businesses does my local realtor promote? Answer: none. Couldn’t you just imagine her working her real estate business fulltime, and then deciding that she also wants to sell insurance? No, she has focused on doing the best she can with real estate and now even has her broker’s license. Instead of diversifying into another kind of business in order to increase her income, she now has agents under her who help her increase her income.

What do we frequently see happen with internet entrepreneurs, and especially those involved in multi-level marketing (MLM)? They join a program that they would sort of like to succeed with, so they kind of market it. Since success requires more dedication than sort of and kind of will bring, the person turns to another program and halfheartedly works it, and so on. Its no wonder that most people do not find success with their internet marketing.

So, what should you, as an entrepreneur, do or not do?

Let’s look at a very important do NOT. Assuming that you have taken the time to select a worthwhile business, and not a money game or lottery, stay with that business. Most successful marketers recommend that you give a new business at least a year of serious effort before adding on anything new.


1. Learn much about a business before you consider joining it. For example, if you are considering a network marketing business, you should become familiar with the kind of compensation plan it has.
2. Learn about the company. What is the product line? Can you be sold on the products or service? How long has the company been in business? It needs to have been around for a minimum of two years or so to have much stability.
3. What kind of help will be available to you to help you build your business? This is very important.
4. After you join, take massive action to build your business. Be willing to advertise, learn all you can about your business, and teach what you know to others who join with you.

While those tips do not guarantee your success, they will help you increase your odds for success.
Judy Thompson is an experienced network marketer. She is with a nutrition company that has an automated support system designed to help you achieve real success. For details, go to: http://automaticbuilder.com/333015895/?source=SYA905


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