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What's Wrong With Your Promotions ?


How many times have you been frustrated with your promotion efforts online ?

Let's face it...most folks working online are amateurs when it comes to promotion. They simply don't come to the internet prepared with the tools, experience and background in advertising and promotion.

The learning curve can be pretty steep when it comes to learning to promote effectively. There is a wealth of information and resouces availabe. In fact there are some many helpful sites and resources that it is very easy to become confused with the whole process.

Searching the internet for promotion resources provides you with lots of sites and gurus who will promise you the moon in exchange for your hard-earned dollars.

Finding a few dependable sites and trusted webmasters who will act as a mentor in your learning process is one good tactic to consider.

Personally, I have developed a small group of allies online with whom I can discuss problems, find answers and bounce my ideas off.

You will discover that the old adage, "Never get in a hurry to buy or sell.", is still true today. You can easily run out of money buying this and that amazing promotional gimmick, software, service or product.

There is plenty to buy online, but there are tons of fr*e resources available too.

While the learning curve for learning to promote effectively online is a steep one, you can do it with some determination and with little damage to your pocketbook by being selective in the resources you choose to use.

Where will your promotional efforts be one year from now? Will you still be doing the same ol' thing ? Or are you now ready to put into practice a plan of action that will bring you some great results ?

Best of luck with your promotional efforts.

Larry Johnson, (c)Copyright 2004

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Larry Johnson is a webmaster and publisher with over 10 years online. He has a background in radio and TV as well as sales.



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