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Got Blog?
In 1999 I asked my friends and colleagues if they blogged. The responses I received ranged from odd looks to questions about the blogging practice. The end results of my findings was “Blog” was a new term and not highly recognized. That was then,...
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ThinkExist.com: New “Sex and the City” Quotes Collection


ThinkExist.com offers an unparalleled collection of “Sex and The City” quotes. Featuring the best sound bites from Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, our quotes selection also showcases some of the most popular supporting characters, such as, Mr. Big, Trey and Stanford.

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies. [Carrie] "

"You wouldn't commit to a nice guy, given the option? [Carrie] I can't even commit to a long distance carrier. [Stanford] "

ThinkExist.com’s “Sex and The City” quotes come from all six seasons of this groundbreaking series. Celebrating a new way of speaking honestly and sensibly about relationships and sex, the quotations provide fans with the best quips from the quintessential series about sex in the 21st Century.

"The only one who should have to pay for a bad relationship is the person in your next relationship. [Miranda] "

"We were having one of those great first dates you can only have when it's not an actual date. [Carrie] "

A comprehensive selection of outstanding quotations, our collection highlights the different characters and personalities that populate the show. According to Big,

"I know your friends fine. Charlotte is the brunette, Miranda is the redhead and Samantha is trouble.[Big] "

Carrie Bradshaw and friends reflect the many traits of urban singles everywhere. Headed by the award-winning Sarah Jessica Parker, the show was an unexpected success when it premiered in 1998. Now, this collection of “Sex and The City” quotes will continue to entertain and enthuse fans.

"Who would have thought an island that tiny would be big enough to hold all our old boyfriends?[Miranda] "

"Whatever happened to aging gracefully? [Miranda] It got old. [Carrie] "

ThinkExist.com depends on its users to help build and broaden our quotation database, and although we have included the best “Sex and The City” quotes available, we hope you share your favorites.

"If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night... your friends. [Carrie] "

Mark Lugris is the Public Relations Director for ThinkExist.com.



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