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The Quickest Way To Have A Product To Sell On The Internet


The Quickest Way To Have A Product To Sell On The Internet

One of the best ways to make money on the Internet is by having your own product that you can sell to a well-defined Target Market hungry for it.

However, creating a product from scratch that you can sell on the Internet will take some time and effort to do. Time and effort that you may not have or are unwilling to spend on.

Writing a book, for example, can take weeks or months to complete. If you're not a writer, or if you've never written before - this can be a daunting task. You will either not start writing, or if you have started, there's a very high chance that you'll abandon it halfway.

You could pay "ghost writers" to write a book for you in your name based on your instructions. They'll do the research, writing and editing and hand the completed document over to you within a few weeks or months. You own the copyright to the materials and it's up to you what you want to do with it.

But by hiring ghost writers, you're relying on your ghost writer's research and experience, both of which may be inadequate for a high-quality book that you can put your name on.

By that time, you're out of pocket by at least a few hundred or a few thousand dollars (depending on how expensive your ghost writer may be). You've also waited several weeks or months for the completed product to be delivered to you - which means that you can't make money in the time it takes to be created.

Assuming you can even afford to hire a good ghost writer to begin with in the first place.

Here's The "Instant" Solution - Buy Resell Rights To A Digital Product
However, you can instantly get a digital product like an e-book to sell and keep all of the money you generate from it, if you can find an author willing to sell you the Resell Rights to his book.

I'm using an e-book as an example here, but it can well be any product.

However, e-books are very attractive products to the seller because of their zero duplication cost. You don't incur any extra cost for duplicating a copy of an e-book for your Customer because the duplication can automatically be done as and when you have a Customer with just his CLICKING on a download link on your web page set up for this purpose. This click will also automatically DELIVER the e-book directly into his computer over the Internet.

Resell Rights can come with the product together which means that after you've bought the product, you can immediately resell it.

Or you can buy the Resell Rights separately from the product which means that if you want to resell the product, you'll need to buy the Resell Rights to it also.

Either way - you can now have an INSTANT product to you can immediately resell and keep all of the profits for yourself. Then all you concentrate on is setting up your Internet Business, and marketing it to your Prospects.

By acquiring Resell Rights to a product, you've cut short your time by weeks or months in not having to create a product of your own.

In addition, some Resell Rights are so inexpensive to buy that you can recoup your investment with just one or a few copies sold - leaving the rest of your sales as pure profit for you!

Resell Rights Fundamentals

Authors usually sell the following types of Resell Rights to their books:

1. Basic Resell Rights
Once you've bought the Basic Resell Rights to the book, you have the right to resell copies of the book to your Customers, but your Customers have no right to resell copies of it to anybody else.

2. Master Resell Rights
Once you've bought the Master Resell Rights to the book, you have the right to resell the book to your Customers, as well as the right to resell the Basic Resell Rights itself to your Customers.

Your Customers who have bought the Basic Resell Rights can then resell copies of the book to THEIR Customers who cannot then resell copies of it to anybody else.

This is the reason why Basic Resell Rights are usually cheaper than Master Resell Rights since you can make more money with Master Resell Rights by being able to resell the Resell Rights to the product itself, in addition to selling the product.

Sometimes Master Resell Rights are bundled together with the purchase of the book. This means that you don't have to pay separately for the Master Resell Rights.

Selling A Product On The Internet

If you own the Resell Rights to an e-book, you're able to set up a web site selling it in this form and have it delivered via a download.

This setup frees you from having to physically fulfill the order, saving you lots of time, effort and cost and makes it possible for you to operate your business on the Internet entirely on your own.

Your web site can contain a Killer Sales Letter that will convince your Prospects that it is to their benefit to have the product in their hands.

A Killer Sales Letter simply answers the 4 main questions in their heads:

1. Why should I want to buy this product in the first place?
2. Why should I buy it from you?
3. Why should I pay you the price you want for it?
4. Why should I buy it now?

While it may sound simple, writing a Killer Sales Letter is not an easy task. You need to understand the psychology of what makes people buy, and meet their desires with words that will compel them to take action. A certain amount of skill and talent is involved.

Professional Killer Sales Letter copywriters charge thousands of dollars to write a Killer Sales Letter for you - and this is an option that you need to consider seriously if you can't do it on your own.

However, the good news is that some Resell Rights products come with proven Killer Sales Letters that you can use immediately. They're usually the very same Killer Sales Letter that made you buy that product in the first place.

Thus if you've bought an e-book with Resell Rights and it comes with the right to use the same Killer Sales Letter to help you resell copies of it, your download of that e-book will include the exact web page containing the same Killer Sales Letter used by the author to sell copies of his e-book.

Then all you need to do is to get a hosting account for your web site containing your Killer Sales Letter and buy a domain name to go with it. Add in some proper marketing - and you're on your way to creating your own Internet Business in the shortest possible time!

Discover Sen Ze's own awesome high-quality Digital Product endorsed by some of the top names in his industry that comes with Master Resell Rights and proven Killer Sales Letter and more at http://www.LowCost-HighProfit.com now and be in business within a day or two!


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