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The Advantage Of Niche Marketing


Copyright 2005 Patric Chan

'Do You Know The Most Common Question I Get All The Time About Internet Marketing?'

The question is ...

"How Do I Make Money On The Internet?"

Now - I want to be honest with you. It's a valid question but it's impossible to answer that question because there are just too many things to talk about in that topic!

I mean, other analogies to that question are ...

"How can you make a girl/guy likes you." or

"How can I be a good parent."

There are so many ways to achieve that!

But ...

If I can sum it all up to give you the secret of making money online fast WITHOUT competing with experienced internet marketing gurus, the answer is ...

"Build an online niche business."

What? Online niche business? What's that?

It's niche marketing.

For the record, I'll define an online niche business as a business that is not about 'How To' make money online or offline and internet marketing related topics.

Here are a few niche marketing examples:

A website about dog training ...
A website about digital camera ...
A website about wedding planning ...
A website about baby sitting ...
A website about fresh water fishing ...
A website about Thai kickboxing ...
etc, etc.

You get the idea, don't you?

However, I have to agree with you that the ‘How To’ make money niche market is a profitable market.

No doubts about that.

So, why am I still insisting to everyone who has asked me how to make money online to explore the income potential of niche marketing?

Am I afraid of competitors?

That’s silly.

Does Anthony Robbins worry about the other 1000’s of motivational speakers in United States?

I don't think so.

The reason I highly recommend someone to build a niche business is because he/she will not be competing with experienced internet marketing gurus.

Like, if you’re planning to build a niche market for martial arts, you can focus on ‘ninjitsu for women’ etc. Don’t build a niche market purely on ‘martial arts’. That’s too huge a market.

Now -- How many experienced internet marketing gurus are you going to be competing with in ‘Ninjitsu for women’? Hardly any.

But hey, don’t go and do ‘Ninjitsu for women’, ok? That’s just an example that I plucked from the air.

But here’s the most important advice:

It’s not about making $100,000.00 from a niche market or whatever amount of money you set yourself to earn.

It’s how you’re going to make the first $1 from that niche. Once you have done that successfully, there’s nothing stopping you from improving that online niche business’s income.

Let’s talk about ‘Ninjitsu for Women’ again.

The first product that you sell might be an ebook titled,

’10 Easy Ways To Master Ninjitsu Martial Art For Women’.

Once you sell that, you can expand the business and start selling:

i. More ebooks
ii. Ninjitsu tools and gear (Sell as an affiliate to reduce the handling inventory and order fulfillment cost)
iii. Ninjitsu classes
iv. etc etc

The sky’s the limit for what else you can sell in the same niche market as long as you know how to make your first dollar online.
Patric Chan is a direct response expert, internet infopreneur, marketing strategist and author. His product, Online Niche Secrets Audio Course reveals how he started a niche online business and make it profitable in less than 48 hours at http://www.onlinenichesecrets.com


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