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Some Things in Life ARE Guaranteed


There's an old expression that says, "The only things certain in life are death and taxes."

Well that is not entirely true.

Now there's a new kid on the block...

Guaranteed Signups.

Guaranteed Signups provide new opportunities for marketers to get direct sign ups to their programs without the time consuming task of having to advertise or recruit new members themselves.

Here are some of the benefits:

1) You get a built in downline quickly and easily.

2) You can build a contact list and mail to them as long as the back office of your program allows you to do this.

3) You can develop a lead capture or splash page and create your own mailing list without little or no extra effort on your part.

There are many different kinds of guaranteed sign-ups.

For instance, you can purchase...

  • World Wide sign-ups

  • US sign-ups

  • Country targeted sign-ups

  • Incentivized sign-ups

  • Non incentivized sign-ups

  • Phone surveyed sign-ups

Non incentivized, phone surveyed sign-ups give you more bang for your buck and usually produce good results.

US sign-ups are high demand primarily because these people tend to purchase more.

The best of the bunch are phone surveyed sign-ups, they cost a bit more, but they are well worth the extra outlay.

Using Guaranteed Sign-ups for Your Members.

If you own a program with a large downline or database, you can purchase large blocks of sign-ups. This is a great way to provide instant downlines for your members. It helps motivate and excite them.

What Guaranteed Sign-ups Can and Cannot Do

All guaranteed signup programs work on the following basis...

  1. Your program must have an option to join free, with the ability to upgrade to paid status.

  2. Sign-ups will be sent directly to your site and, if the person is interested, they sign up as a free member.

  3. For this point on it's up to you. You need to do the work of following these people up and give them reasons and incentives to upgrade

Do not expect a sign up to upgrade automatically. This won't happen unless you work your new contacts and nurture them. Let them know the benefits of your product and give them heaps of free information.

Sign ups to do not happen by magic.

A site that offers you sign ups is essentially doing the hard work of advertising for you and that takes time. So be patient.

Benefits of guaranteed signups...

  • You can share them with downline members

  • Do JV's with the suppliers and resell them

  • Fill you own program downline and work them to get new upgrades.

And the best part, the companies that supply them do all the work for you.

Phil Basten and Jane Mark run their own Ad-Agency online. They provide marketing services to online marketers and small business owners including Guaranteed Signups, Phone surveyed leads, Ultra- Fresh Autoresponder leads and much more. You get more info here...





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