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How Search Engines Work
Before anyone can start optimizing a web site, you must understand how search engines work. Search engine optimization is the hardest thing to do for a webmaster because there are so many rules to it and you have to stay up to date with all...
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My Favorite Traffic Generation Technique


Articles get exposure for me and my website. If you want to bring a continuous stream of highly targeted traffic to your website,then you should write articles related to your business. Write about topics you have learned about and are learning more about. Make it useful and informative. Don’t write a sales letter, but instead give good content so that readers will want to check out your website. You will want to include a resource box or signature at the end.

The search engines find the articles that are posted online. This helps the page rank of the website I have with the resource box on my article.

Search engines put high value on the amount of links you have to your web page. It’s even better if the web page that links to you has a ton of high ranking pages linking into it.

Something that I believe is a useful tool and resource is the Google Toolbar. The http://toolbar.google.com will allow you to perform searches on Google's index, look at a particular page’s Page Rank (PR) and, look at Backward Links, links that are coming into a particular page. It also has other features that you may find useful as well.

E-zine publishers find my articles and ask for permission to publish them to their list of subscribers.

Where To Submit Articles

Below are some of the places I have found that will accept articles and help get you exposure. Make sure you follow each website or announcement group's guidelines for submission.

Yahoo Announcement Groups

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