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Marketing Articles: Promoting Your Site Twice!


I recently became aware that promoting your web site in Search Engines can instantly be double within Google! That's right, you can instantly promote your site 2 times at once!

So how do you Market Your Site twice?


Most of us typically promote www.yoursite.com. But what you need to realize is that most sites can be found on search engines simply by entering... http://yoursite.com - without the www.

Try it for a second, lets go to google and type in your url with the www. and then without the www.

So for me it would be:

  1. www.smartads.info

  2. http://smartads.info

The same will apply for sub-domains as well. A sub-domain is a section of your site dedicated to something you create but instead of residing within your normal directory, it resides within it's own directory,like I've illustrated below...





And with that again, you can promote your sub-domain twice in Search Engines like so...

  1. www.sub-domain.yoursite.com

  2. http://sub-domain.yousite.com

So in turn, I've just showed you how you can promote 4 sites with all the same goal in mind, yours of course!

How to utilize your new found knowledge:

Hopefully, you are all aware of how important it is to create a link exchange program for your business? Well, what you simply want to do is to mix up your links when submitting to other companies for a listing within their site.

In other words...

Lets say I just found 4 sites that I want to exchange links with, I would do something like this...

Site #1: I would submit (www.yoursite.com)

Site #2: I would submit (http://yoursite.com)

Site #3: I would submit (www.sub-domain.yoursite.com)

Site #4: I would submit (http://sub-domain.yoursite.com)

Now I'm promoting my site with 4 times the power than before!

But don't stop there...

Do you write articles? How about committing 2 of your links to every article. Change them up with each article.


Article #1 (How to Submit Your Site to Search Engines)

Try adding



Article #2 (How to Market Your Site Twice)

Try adding

http://yoursite.com &


I hope this small timbit of knowledge gives you the edge you need to put your business ahead of the game!

Best of luck to you!

Martin Lemieux

Smartads - President


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