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How To Pick A Business Opportunity


Browsing the internet there are literally thousands of affiliate marketing resources and a person often gets overwhelmed by the sheer choice of programs, products and services they offer.

When looking for a business opportunity you should look for 6 primary qualities:

1. Integrity - Does the company have a reliable track record/history?

2. Value - Is the company providing a valuable service/product?

3. Training – Do they provide you with quality marketing training and materials?

4. Support – Is it easy to contact them and do they reply in a timely fashion?

5. Compensation plan – Is their compensation plan fair and do they pay on time?

6. Investment – Is the opportunity free or inexpensive to join?

All these qualities are important when choosing a business opportunity.

Too many people jump in to an opportunity that promises them mountains of gold, only to find themselves ripped off after the opportunity seems to have disappeared into thin air or is gone bust.

Affiliate Programs:

These are programs that let you promote other peoples products/services and pay you a commission for each buying customer. Affiliate programs can be extremely lucrative if you know what you are doing when you promote your business..

Network Marketing

Programs that pay a recurring commission based on the amount of members in your downline or matrix. These members pay a recurring fee to the network marketing company and you earn a share of that fee as compensation. Not only do you earn on your personal sales, but you also earn a percentage of the sales your downline members make. The beauty of these type of businesses is that you do it once and get paid as long as the person you enrolled stays a member.

With Network marketing programs having a training and support system in place is crucial for your business’s success, now and in the future. Its all about people helping people, in order to receive you must first learn to give. If you help your newly joined members to build their new business you will build a relationship and bond of trust. Because of that they will soon be in profit and best of all this will also profit you because when they enroll new members you will earn a share of that sale! You do something once and get paid for as long as the person stays a member and/or buys products/services.

Creating your own Product(s)

Nothing beats selling your own product, you keep all the money in your pocket and you are not dependant on a company to pay you a commission.

Creating your own product is easier then it often sounds. For example, you could write your own E-book and sell it for a price you decide. Your E-book can contain references to resources with your own affiliate link, it can literally become a viral marketing tool that will earn you money over and over. In fact writing your own E-book is one of the secrets many “guru’s” use to build their businesses.

People say “but I don’t have a topic that I can write about?” Often that is not true. For example, write about something you like, your hobby for example. Lets say your hobby is gardening, you could write an e-book about growing flowers. Or say you are a computer wiz, then you could write an e-book about how to build a computer etc.

Often people do not realize that the product is right there, they just have to dig in their own mind and/or knowledge to discover it.

To your success!

Erol Alici

Erol Alici publishes Homebiztycoon Tips, a fresh and informative newsletter dedicated to supporting people like YOU! If you`re looking for the *best rated* home business opportunities, the latest time saving tools and helpful support from an honest friend in the business, come by and grab a F-R-E-E subscription today at: http://www.homebiztycoon.com


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