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Home Business Affiliate Marketing


How would you like to make money with a Home Business
without ever having to sell anything? There are lots of
people earning thousands of dollars doing just that. There
are very few home businesses that are easier or cost less
than affiliate marketing. The plan is very simple. Your clients are already established online businesses selling
a lot of different products and services. These people
will pay you for bringing customers to them which is the
website you are an affiliate for. They will pay you either
a set fee or a percentage of what the customer purchases.

Here is how the affiliate business works. The affiliate places
a banner or link advertisement on their website and the goal
is to get the customer to click through from the affiliate
website to the merchant site. When a purchase is made you earn
a commission. The opportunities that this creates for the home
marketer are enormous.

There are so many affiliate programs on the internet that it
is not difficult to find one that will work for you. Don't
settle for just any program. Spend some time and do your
research before you choose your programs. It is important that
you choose a program that you feel comfortable with. If you
have another business, choose an affiliate program that will
compliment your existing program and this will give you the
best chance of your customers clicking through to the
affiliate site.

One of the great things about affiliate home marketing is that
you are not limited to just one program. You can sign up for
as many programs as you would like as long as you have a place
on your website to place their link or banner.

A word of wisdom: Read the affiliate contract carefully. Most
of the businesses are legitimate but there are a few out there
that are trying to rip your off while making a quick buck. Just
be careful and review your affiliate agreement carefully. If
you don't feel comfortable about a program don't join.

Here are some ways to look for a good affiliate program.

1. Do they pay only for the first purchase or do you get a
percentage of the future purchases by that customer.

2. How much do they pay and for how do they pay? Purchases?
Click throughs?

3. Will the program interest my customers?

4. Can you view your account on a regular basis to see how the
program is doing?

5. At what intervals are the commissions paid? Make sure this
is in the agreement.

There a lots of good affiliate programs out there for your home
based business and if you will spend some time in research you
can find the right programs for you. Soon you will be making
good money in an affiliate marketing business.

I wish you the very best. Donnie De Loney is editor and publisher of HomBzTips a simple Step-by-Step plan for earning a great monthly income. He created DY Marketing to assist those wishing to start a home internet business


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