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Google Page Rank Is Dead - Or Is It?


For a long time now, marketing gurus all over the world have been talking about google page ranking. Page ranking is simply Google's way of measuring your pages accordingly.

But there is a problem...

More and more we tend to see NO consistency with page ranking at all. Please don't confuse the difference between "page ranking" & "search engine ranking". The two are completely different.

With this method of measurement, we could quickly see how much or how little a person has put into promoting their website. A high rank of 6,7,8,9,10 is sometimes held as something honerable to have for your site but does it really matter?

In some aspects it does and in some it doesn't.

As I mentioned above, page ranking has nothing to do with your search engine success. It (did) have everthing to do with "importance". The only problem is (like so many marketing ventures online), this measurement method is dying off with the rest of them. People online are very intuitive about these sort of things and tend to over saturate ways to beat them and/or improve on them quickly.

People all over the world are even still wondering how to increase their page rank. Now why would they do this???

Simple, it's all about prestige. Eventhough marketing experts like myself weigh absolutely no importance on page ranking anymore, there are still literally 1000's of business people out there that consider a high rank a good thing.

So how do you benefit from increasing your rank?

  • You will attract better quality websites to yours

  • People will think your website has lasting power

  • People will want to mimic what you do

  • People will even think highly of you

Even now, many browsing people look for high ranking websites to exchange links with.

So does trying to increase your website page ranking help you? Not really. What you ultimately want to do is promote your website as much as you can in as many "RELATED _ RELATED" places that you can and let search engines do their own thing.

Playing into search engines hands won't help your company. Building a great web marketing foundation will attract exactly what you've been after..... MORE EXPOSURE!

Please take this seriously and always be on the look-out for other ways to promote your business, let Google's page rank go and look at the future beyond PR ratings.

Hope this article helps you out!

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