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Five Tested Ways To Find The Perfect Drop Shipper


Copyright 2005 Keith Gloster

Youíve heard about it many times in recent months. Being the business-minded person that you are, you most probably got curious and did some research of your own. But resources seem to be few, and what meager data youíve found made you wonder even moreÖ

Is drop shipping a fact or a myth?

I canít blame you. There are quite a lot of reasons why information about drop shipping hasnít fully invaded the internet marketing scene. The few sites that promise to teach you about this novel concept are usually full of crap. Often, they donít even know the difference between a drop
ship and a mother ship. Theyíd rather capitalize on the growing curiosity about the subject, and make a quick buck at your expense. But donít let this discourage you.

Drop shipping is real, and itís here, and it has made a number of people rich.

Those who know speak of it in hushed tones because it is a rewarding secret that they would rather keep within their circles. Case in point: visit an internet marketing discussion board. Look for a thread about drop shipping. You will find many posts there, but none would reveal the
contact information for any drop shipper. Why is this so?

Drop shipping is a very lucrative option. You donít have to make any financial investments. You donít have to secure a warehouse to store your products. You donít even have to worry about your buyerís location and how to ship what youíre selling to his doorsteps. Drop shippers will take care of those problems.

All you have to do is to market the drop shipperís products. Sell it for a retail price, with a markup of your choice. Then, once a customer buys what you offered, youíll just simply pay the drop shipper the wholesale price of the product, and heíll take care of the rest, including shipping. There will be no middleman, thus assuring you of maximum profit.

And yes, thereís no such thing as a minimum purchase.

The only problem really is: how do you find a drop shipper? Many offer their functions, but once you review their terms and conditions, youíd discover that their services hardly qualify as drop shipping.

So how do you find drop shippers? Better yet, how do you find the drop shipper that would be perfect for your needs? Here are some techniques that will surely help you in your crusade.

1. Try product sourcing first. The common mistake of people looking for drop shippers is that theyíre not concerned about what products theyíll sell. This shouldnít be the case. Remember, we cannot sell what we donít believe in. We just canít rely solely on what the drop shipper, if ever
we find one, has to offer. We should at least have an idea of what we want to sell. Such would most certainly narrow down our search.

2. Avoid an agent. The purpose of establishing a direct contact with a drop shipper, aside from the convenience and the win-win situation it entails, is to keep the price as low as possible. An agent, or a middleman, who would offer you means of contacting a drop shipper, would be detrimental to keeping the cost low. Most certainly, the agent would
receive a commission from your sales. This would inflate your retail price, making your offers less attractive.

3. Penetrate the circle. As mentioned earlier, people who know about drop shippers operate like a secret fraternity of marketers. Squeezing information out of them would be impossible. Well, almost impossible. Remember the saying ďif you canít beat them, join them?Ē This holds much truth in your search for the perfect drop shipper. Be on the lookout for someone who should know about drop shipping. Perhaps, he could be a drop shipper in disguise himself. Befriend him first before asking for his services. Chances are heíll be the first one whoíll open up about his secret.

4. Know where to look. You canít find any leads on drop shippers in an online dating site, thatís for sure. Try lurking in online discussion boards, particularly those which are dedicated to internet marketing. It would be
quite easy to distinguish the people who know what theyíre talking about from mere loudmouths. Once youíve pinpointed these people, send them a friendly private message where youíll ask for help regarding a topic that is not related to drop shipping. Thank them for their time once they reply,
and assure them that youíll be there when they would ever need help. Youíll be surprised how effective this method

Try credible online resources. There are indeed online sites that offer comprehensive directories of bona fide drop shippers worldwide. This is an excellent recourse for anyone who wishes to engage such service. There is a downside, however. All, and I do mean ALL, of these reliable resources demand a membership fee. The rates range from $50 to $200. Yes, thatís a clear indication of the general interest on drop shipping these days.
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