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Visualisation: The hidden key to home business success
The power of visualisation is a skill which is often neglected by people who run their own home business. Visualisation or guided imagery is a very powerful technique that can help increase both your efficiency and effectiveness in...
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Going Mobile, Part 1: Wireless Phone Service for Your Home Business
This article may be used freely on your website as long as it remains intact, including author byline and resource box and links. We would appreciate it if you would notify us when it is used: Going Mobile: Wireless Phone Service for Your Home...
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Why Register A Domain When Promoting An Internet Home Business


Most people when they first start out with an internet home business make the mistake of not purchasing a domain name and promote the link that they get from the company they represent. This article aims to tell you four compelling reasons why purchasing a domain name for yourself is critical before you start spending money promoting your internet business.


You are telling people to invest in an internet home business so image is everything. One of the most basic ways to appear more professional online and to establish trust is to purchase a domain name. Imagine telling someone that your internet business can be found at http://www.yourowndomain as opposed to the url that you company gives you as opposed to http://www.yourcompany/12345. Thus to be seen as profession in your internet home business, register a domain and point it to your company url.

Prevent memory loss

Most people forget this simple concept when they promote things online. If you want to promote anything always use your own domain name. There have been studies shown that people would want to check out more about your internet business after doing checks online and if they lose your link, they would try to remember it from memory. So what happens is that they join under someone else from your company. Why waste your efforts doing promotion? Register a domain that is easily remembered. Use dashes for good effect. For instance I have a domain that goes like http://www.top-mortgage-loan.com and it accurately tells the visitor what the website is about and helps prevent misspellings at the same time.

Retain Control

Have you ever wondered what would happen one day if the company you promoted suddenly changed its referral link and you had already placed online advertisement in many places? You would have to manually email the website owners to tell them about the changes to your internet business referral link. A simpler way would be to purchase your own domain and advertise your personal internet business referral link instead.

Retain the website traffic

One of the best ways online to promote any internet business involves the writing of good helpful articles that other website owners would put on their own websites. Use your own domain to allow you to redirect the website traffic you get from your inbound links to another business opportunity. Now do you understand how the big dogs in internet business companies switch quickly from one business to another when the company they are in folds?

In conclusion, registering a domain is the first step anyone should take when you embark on starting a new internet business and should not be taken lightly. Take your internet home business to a new level and make more money from it today!

About the Author: Joel Teo is the successful owner of several successful internet business ventures. Click here to learn how you can start your own successful internet business today. http://www.massive-profits-online.com

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