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After trying to convince people to join my home business for too long, I've finally decided to put my cards on the table. I do not believe in talking anyone into anything. I believe in two things...educating people and telling them what to...
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What should a newbie at home business watch out for!


There are a number of things a newbie should watch out for before starting a home business.

Both the do's and the don'ts are as important aspects. Before joining a home business the person has to know what is required and what is a No-No.

This clarity helps one have a better insight into the home business world. Better insight means better understanding of home business. And better understanding of home business leads to better decision making, better foresight and a more profitable and efficiently run home business.

Home business is known by many other names: The first thing a newbie has to remember is that home business is known by many other names, but they all means the same thing. Home business. Phrases like home jobs, work at home, home based business, home business opportunity, work at home job and so on...

Types of home business: The second important thing is to be aware that there are many types of home businesses. There are a lot of choices available for those who want to do home business. You can take surveys online. You can set up a proper shop on the internet, and sell as many things online as you want. Your shop on the net is nothing but having a website of your own. Sell stuff through it, and earn commissions and profit on it.

Taking assignments or jobs like online editing, proof-reading, medical transcription or writing are also a part of home business. And people across the world are making money from it, working from the comfort of their homes. In these kinds of businesses, you are paid per assignment as per terms decided upon in advance.
Home business is not a lottery. It takes time to develop: Another important point to be keep in mind is that a home business takes time to develop. Its not an overnight thing, how much ever convenient to believe the ads on board may sound! One should give at least an year to ones home business to reach profitability. And then it keeps growing. The rate of growth is in your control. The more work in the right direction you put in the faster you grow. The right direction is nothing but a better understanding of home business and what goes into it, like I have mentioned earlier. I am just trying to re-emphasize the importance that. The potential of making money is unlimited in a home business. No doubts, arguments or debates. None.

Coming to the No-No part; Don't believe ads or websites that claim home business success is an overnight thing. Nor that there is a software which puts your business completely on autopilot. Or that there is a home business that can double your money in 24 hours!! Even Google and Microsoft can't double your money in 24 hours. And if they can't, who can? Ask yourself.

Unusual home business: Another aspect which requires your own judgment based on your understanding of home business is that not all home businesses are free to join. Most affiliate programs are. But some charge a small fee which you have to accept as okay. For example an online survey website charges a small fee to give a list of survey companies you can register your profile with, who will send you surveys in your inbox and help you make money working from home. These Survey websites spend time and money to find out which companies are genuine, which have more surveys coming and which pay on time. Besides which suits and matches their visitor's profile. You get so much on the platter, don't crib about their fee!

There are some slightly unusual home businesses. Like website designing, website optimizing, writing eBooks, publishing eMgazines, starting out as a freelance photographer or opening a crèche.... this type of info is charged. People with understanding and experience write these books so that your road to success is smooth and you save time, which again you have to pay for. Which website to subscribe to is your lookout and personal choice.
Keep this set of important lessons in mind if you are just starting out.

Personal suggestion; start with an easy home business then gradually advance. If you directly taken up something as advanced like writing an emagazine without any exposure of the internet or the subject, it may not click. Don't postpone to take that first step. And don't give an excuse that you are being lazy. Nobody ever postpones anything out of laziness, the real reason is dis-interest. And if home business can't interest or enthuse you, with its low or no investment, conveniences and money, what can?

About the Author

The author is Purva Mewar webmaster of two Work at Home Business websites www.yesearnfromhome.com and www.work-at-home-earn-extra-income.com Always ready to answer your queries related to home business

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