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What NOT to expect from your e-commerce home based business!


Isn’t it a blessing to know that we do not live in the dark ages anymore? I am pretty sure that many you can remember and relate to how a home based business used to be operated. If you should stumble across one of these outdated models today, run as fast as your little legs can carry you!

Let me begin by refreshing you mind…

Before the days of call display, the phone would ring and a complete stranger would lure you into a conversation saying he had been referred by your great aunt and she was confident that you would love what he had to show you.

Next, he would set up an appointment and arrive armed with truckloads full of product and suitcases full of sales literature. Before you knew it, you had signed up and then you were told about the meeting that they are having on Saturday and that you had to attend as the greatest speaker on the planet was coming to town. It would be held at some hotel and oh yeah, there was a small fee to pay at the door just to cover the hotel costs!

Saturday, the true nature of the business would be revealed. First there would be some phony, wearing a wig to disguise his age, telling you about how much money he makes, how much traveling to exotic places he does, and about the wonderful lifestyle he lives. You can have the same, if only you are willing to do the following for the next five years…

Attend endless meetings, gatherings and get-togethers during the week and attend seminars every Saturday or Sunday to brush up on your product knowledge and to learn from industry leaders.

Then you will need a list of all your immediate family and friends because it is always easier to sell to a warm market than a cold market. They in turn will give you referrals which will give you credibility about your product and this is where you start making money…

Also don’t forget to be alert and observant each time you leave your home. You must be on the lookout for anyone that is still breathing without too much difficulty. These are your cold prospects. Get their names and telephone numbers and attempt to call them to set up an appointment.

When you do manage to set up an appointment, you would arrive armed in the same manner as the salesperson that came to your door, only to find no-one at home – the dark house they call it. Don’t worry they say, just go after someone else, it’s all a numbers game.

When you do manage to catch someone home, they listen to you politely but you read the message on their face - how long this is going to take - or they are lounging on the sofa, one eye glued to the TV and the other blankly staring at you.

Does all this sound familiar to you? No kidding, hundreds of individuals have been down this lonely road. No wonder 95% of people quit. After all, any individual with a little dignity can only tolerate so much rejection without developing a serious complex about their abilities.

And yet we all know that building a business that will automatically multiply itself without you physically having to be there 24/7 is by far the easiest way to success.

Looking for a business model that never requires you to attend meetings, make personal contact with complete strangers, never leave the comfort of your computer…then you have just stumbled into the wonderful world of e-commerce. Hundreds of different business models abound and the cool thing about them is that you can work more than one at the same time. You can develop multiple streams of income and start living the life the salesman in my article only dreamt of.

About the Author

Lynette is the webmaster for http://www.naturalindoorwaterfountains.com where she teaches you how to energize your surroundings naturally with negative ions, which leads to more productivity, and therefore more success, in all your undertakings.

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