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Is a Home-Based Business What You Want?
Stepping into year two of a home-based business has my thoughts turned to the revamping of my business website and business in general. My first thought was where to start? I haven't written an article in some time and maybe this is a good start to...
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Home Based Business For Women
Affiliate marketing is a good opportunity for a home based business for women. With a little bit of time and effort women are staying at home and running their own home based business. Like hundreds of thousands of stay-at-home moms, you too...
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What Does It REALLY Take To Build A Home Based Business And Work At Home?


All of us most likely share a similar goal and dream. In an ideal world we would be able to stay at home AND earn a comfortable income. With all of the stress that exists in our lives and with all of the discomfort we feel working for someone else on "their" terms while lining "their" pockets with our efforts, the notion of starting our own business and working at home poses an almost irresistible allure to us. More and more, people are moving beyond the mere dream and fantasy of working at home and they are actually seeking out opportunities and taking the necessary steps to establish themselves with a work at home opportunity.

Have you thought about moving beyond the dream and actually taking those steps towards working at home for yourself? Its an applaudable idea! However, before embarking on this exciting journey it is ESSENTIAL to firmly establish and recognize the difference between the fantasy of working at home and the reality of working at home. In our fantasies, perhaps we picture ourselves leading a life of leisure in the comfort of our homes while money simply "rolls" in on a daily basis. Beware of this fantasy because that false notion is what the scam artists who abound on the internet are hoping you are going to believe. They are out there, and believe me, they are waiting for you and they will tell you that you can be earning a very appealing sum of money in a very short time with little or no effort put forth on your part. Well, honestly, who wouldn't find that idea enticing? DON'T buy that idea! If you do, you will find your pockets empty and your dreams broken!

The reality of working at home, although it may not fully live up to our pie in the sky dreams of living a life of leisure while money rolls in without effort, is that you can earn a nice income at home. However achieving this goal involves several crucial factors. It takes quite some time....this will not happen overnight or even in a few months. If you are truly going to build a successful home business the reality is that it will take a few years. Further, it will take work. It will take hard work, dedication, persistence, attention to detail and an optimistic attitude. If you believe that you have these attributes and are willing to work towards your goal consistently in a dedicated and concerted manner over time then you will likely succeed. You cannot expect a home business to support you in the immediate future. You must have another source of income while you build your business and eventually your home business, if you apply yourself correctly, can become your primary source of income.

Many people make the decision to establish themselves with a home business and then run helter skelter all over the internet signing up for five or ten different programs making focusing on anything next to impossible. It is imperative to select ONE solid program and then stick to it like glue and give it your full attention and your best effort. It is indeed possible, with a healthy dose of realism, to become an internet success story.

Jim Kelly resides in Los Angeles, California and is the webmaster of Make Extra Money At Home.


Create the exciting world that only exists in your imagination now. Make extra money at home and realize your dreams. Worldwide.


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