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Setting Fees for Your Home Based Business
Many people assume that since you work from home you should charge less. I disagree - when you consider that most home based business people are supporting families, paying their own benefit package including medical and dental, and have increased...
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How to Market your Home Business on a shoestring budget
There are a number ways you can go about marketing your website, many of which are quite inexpensive. Effectively marketing your Home website is vital to your ultimate success. In fact, the key to growing a business, and particularly a new Home...
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Visible Interactive Introduces Fanned All-In-One 15” Industrial Grade Touchscreen Computer for Home and Business Applications.


With the introduction of this new model, Visible Interactive has created a computer which is well suited for use in harsh, high temperature environments. Its heavy duty construction ensures reliable performance in factory or kitchen use. Its small footprint makes it ideal for use in such areas as machine vision, industrial automation and control, interactive kiosks, as well as medical and dental applications.

Scranton, PA July 9, 2004 -- Visible Interactive today announced the introduction of their latest 15” all in one industrial touchscreen computer. Measuring just 2.75 inches deep, the touchscreen computer may be readily mounted on walls or in enclosures to provide reliable computing power in harsh environments at a price point considerably less than competitors.

Markets for this unit include areas such as industrial automation and control, retail information and point of sale, kiosks, medical/dental office, home automation, and machine vision.

The unit features a rugged steel front panel and a heavy duty steel plate housing. It is built to work in extreme environments and is NEMA 4, 12, and IP65 rated.

The unit features a 1 GHz Via Nehemiah chipset (comparable to a Pentium 4 1.7 GHz), 256 MB RAM, 20 GB hard drive, and built in CD-ROM or DVD. Connectivity includes 4 USB 2.0 ports, 3 serial, 2 10/100 Ethernet, parallel, keyboard, and mouse ports. There is also a PCI/PCMCIA card slot for added expandability.

For additional information on our products, please contact Visible Interactive’s sales department.

Besides its standard product line, Visible Interactive offers OEM manufacturing capabilities for touchscreen computers ranging from 12 to 30 inches. Customers with special touchscreen configuration requirements are invited to call.

About Visible Interactive
Visible Interactive, and its line of technologically advanced all-in-one touch screen computers, exceeds both internal and commercial requirements for a reliable platform to deliver productivity improvement software. Visible Interactive offers an outstanding line of standard and custom OEM solutions and backs them with the same high caliber service and support you demand--all at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. For further information and specifications on Visible Interactive and its products, or to place an order, please visit www.visibleinteractive.com or call 888-9-VISIBLE.

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Sales Manager
Visible Interactive

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