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Starting a Home Business? Start with what you know.
Bob Cortez The most frequently asked question I receive as an Internet home business consultant usually goes something like this; "I would really like to start my own home business on the Internet, but I don't know what." The...
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Christian Home Based Business Opportunities Abound
Having a Christian home based business can be one of the most rewarding business ventures on the Internet. Not only can you make money from your home but at the same time you will be serve the Lord in a unique way. It doesn't matter if you just want...
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Top Ten Home Business Tips


Top Ten Home Business Tips
by BB Lee (C)2002

Many new entrepreneurs often ask the same questions about managing or
starting a home based business. I've put together my list of top ten business tips to answer those frequently asked questions.

1. What Kind Of Home Based Business Is Right For Me?
Choose a home business venture based on the activities
that you enjoy, such as your favorite hobby or sport. For
example if you enjoy cooking, why not start a catering
service. If you like to sew, start a tailoring business. Are you
good with computers? Start a computer tutoring service.

2. How Do I Name My Business? Should I Use A Catchy Phrase?
Choose a business name that will tell the public exactly what
your business is about. For example, if your name is Mike and you manage a restaurant that specializes in Southern food, why not call it Mike's Southern Cuisine instead of Mike's Food Shack.

3. How Can I Manage Customer And Business Telephone Calls?
Get a separate telephone line for your home business. This will
help you manage your business affairs. And keep personal calls, personal

4. I Usually Work When I Can, But Customers Never Call Me!
Maintain a regular work schedule. This will insure that customers
know "when" they can contact you. Believe me, there is nothing more
exasperating than a business owner with irregular work hours.

5. How Can I Make Double Sure Customers Reach Me?
Make sure people know "how" they can contact you. Use voice mail, answering machine or a pager.

6. I Keep Writing Checks For Personal Items With Money I've Saved
For My Business. Help!
Open a business bank account. Keep personal and business affairs separate. You'll be glad you did when tax time rolls around. And of course you'll be less likely to dip into your business account for a new pair of shoes or the brand new music CD by your favorite group.

7. Why Should I Check Zoning Laws? It's Just A Little Home Business!
Always check zoning and licensing laws with City Hall before you open your business. There might be local restrictions against your type of business or specific licensing requirements. Believe me, you don't want to start a catering business and find out that your kitchen isn't up to code or catering services are not allowed in your area.

8.I'm On A Tight Budget. How Do I Get The Word Out About My Biz?
Use word of mouth advertising to attract new customers. Let your satisfied customers recommend your business to their friends. Offer these satisfied customers a discount on your services for referrals.

9.I'm Considering Quitting My Job and Jumping Into My Home Business Full Time. What Do You Think?
Don't quit your day job yet. Start out part time. Once you've attracted a steady flow of paying customers take the full time leap.

10.I'm Thinking About Joining This Guaranteed Business Program That Promises Thousands Per Week And You Don't Need Experience!
Don't expect success overnight. Or that you will get rich quick.
Beware of home business scams. If it sounds too good to be true. Well,
you know the rest.... Think! How many businesses do you know where you can make thousands a week with no experience?

Dedicate yourself to learning all you can about your business, improving, growing, developing. And remember to enjoy what you do!

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