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Top 5 Work At Home Business Tools


Let's face it, having a work at home business on the Internet is both exciting, as well as difficult. The competition for customers, as well as the anonymity of the Internet, leads to frustration at times by those marketing their work at home business online.

Many online chores can be time consuming also, taking precious time away from other chores that would improve marketing efforts and success. Since many people have to be reached on a consistent basis by anyone endeavoring to succeed online in their home business, a few tools, that cost very little, are probably a necessity in the fast-paced online marketing environment of today.

Five tools that are economical, and practically a "must-have" for any serious online marketer, are as follows:

1. A professional Website: Whether you are marketing your own goods, services, or products, or whether you are an Affiliate Program Member, or a Network Marketing Member, your own professional Website is a virtual "must" (even if it only looks "professional" and you've created it yourself). There are many good template software programs out there for this need, as well as affordable Website design services. Affiliate Program "viral Websites" or any Network Marketing "viral Website" can be used initially, as well as the "sub-domain free sites", but to see "real sales" everyone will eventually need their own domain name, and Website.

2. A good, reliable hosting service: Sometimes the most affordable is not the way to go, as affordability may sometimes result in a lot of "downtime" for your site, which you want to avoid as much as you can. Most hosts do experience some "downtime" off and on (this can't really be avoided, as technology is never that predictable), but ask others about their own "downtimes" on their sites before choosing a Web host, as too much "downtime" will result in too many lost sales.

3. A good Auto-responder: An auto-responder will automatically generate a pre-written message to anyone seeking more information from you or your business. In any work at home business, especially if you are the "sole employee", it can become difficult to respond to many requests immediately. Since sales are lost many times because of "delays in responding" to the initial contact, an auto-responder will keep the prospects happy until you can get back to them personally.

4. A professional Web address with email: Free e-mail accounts are good for personal contact on the Internet, but should be avoided when establishing an Internet home business. It simply is more secure and looks more professional to have a "business e-mail" with a consistent, well-established ISP (Internet Service Provider), than it does to have a "free" e-mail account. This lends credibility to your business.

5. A good, reliable e-book on marketing, written by a well-known reputable marketing "expert": Look around diligently for this. Although marketing e-books abound, the really good ones are few and far between. A good marketing e-book should cover everything from advertising to zeroing in on your niche market. Digest the book you choose before starting, and you'll see your efforts reap rewards much sooner than if you "try and go it alone" immediately.

These tools are just a start, and of course, there are many more. These are what I consider the "basics" though and will help get you started successfully in your work at home business

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