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The Worlds Best Home Business


Indulge me for a second. Picture this:

Itís morning. Youíve just woken up..at the time you want to. Alarm clocks donít dictate your hours of sleep anymore. You go downstairs and see the post has arrived. Putting it to one side you go to have your morning cup of tea Ė knowing that cheque after cheque is made out to you in the huge pile of envelopes the postman delivered.

After reading the morning newspaper you go and grab the post and a calculator. Pretty much every envelope contains money for you. You do get the odd bill in between the piles of cheques, but theyíre not a worry for you anymore. You see in that one days post you calculate that you have just made yourself £879.92. THATíS IN ONE DAY!

This is the way I spend all my mornings since finding out about this amazing money making system. The same system that legendary entrepreneur Joe Karbo described as "The Worlds Best Business". And this man should know. He's the multi-millionaire author of the bestselling 'Lazy Mans Way To Riches'.

So what exactly is this business?

Well this amazing business is selling information. Sounds simple right? That's because it is.

All you do is place a small classified advert or send some letters out aimed at a specific market. A market that will be eager to buy your product.

These products come in the following forms:


C.D Roms

Audio Cassetes


The real money making winners fall into three categories:




People will pay a hell of alot of money for products that fall into these three categories. Why? Simple - because your helping them improve their life.

Think about it. Who doesn't want to be as healthy as they can be? Who doesn't want loads of cash? Who doesn't want love to enter their life? Everyone wants to improve their life. And this is where succesful entrepreneurs such as yourself can cash in.

The Profits In This Business Are HUGE!

Think about if for a second. All your doing is paying the cost of a small classified advert which then sends people to your website.

Once they're there they see your sales message. They see that your product will improve their life. And they buy it. How much do these information products sell for? Anything from £20 to £1000. And what was the cost of your advert? About £30. See why people are making amazing amounts of money in this business? The profits are mind blowing.

And if you're sending out sales letters to a specific market your cost may be a couple of hundred pounds, but you'd still break even on just a couple of sales.

And bearing in mind that you may get one hundred sales easily in a day this business pretty much pays for itself.

Make Thousands A Week For Just Two Hours Work A Day

Now the REAL reason that people want loads of cash is to do the things that they love. What do YOU love doing? Sailing, golfing,writing - whatever it is once you start your own information publishing company you'll have the spare time to do all the things that you love!

Here's how it works:

Once you've placed the ad or sent out the sales letters you just sit back and wait for orders to come in. When they do,all you do is send out the product to the happy customer through the post. That's it.

Theres even a way where you don't even have to send out the product yourself! This is a method I use. All I do is sit back and count the money. Perfect.

Two hours work a day MAX. Then the rest of the day is yours. Take the kids to the park, go for a drive in the top of the range sports car you've just bought thanks to this fantastic business. You name it you'll be able to do it.

And the beauty of it all is you can run the business part time, until you see the huge amounts of money to be made (then you'll most definately want to quit that boring old job your in!)

So for two hours work a day, selling information to target markets, you could be making huge amounts of money. Take a product that sells for £29.97 for example:

sales Order Amounts
one £29.97
ten £299.97
fifty £1498.50
one hundred £2996.00
three hundred £8891.00


This kind of money can be made in a week..hell a day. Sounds crazy doesn't it.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think of how lucky I was to find this business. I work a matter of hours a week and make thousands.

Now it's your turn.

I was taught this by three everyday average people who turned $300 into a $50 million fortune working for just a couple of hours from home.

All you need to do to start is find some information products to sell, and then place a small classified advert or send out a letter and you too can begin to earn dream money from home.

Remember HEALTH WEALTH and SEX are the sellers.

Here's three examples and a step by step guide to how this works.

Health - revealed...the seven step home workout regime your local gym doesn't want you to know!

Wealth - 101 Ideas On How To Start Your Own Home Business!

Sex - How To Instantly Make Yourself Ten Times More Attractive To The Opposite Sex.

Now you'd want to sell the health product to those wishing to lose weight or at the other end of the scale fitness fanatics.

You would place an advert in a weight loss magazine for example.

For the money making home business product you could place an advert in a home business magazine or even better a magazine that a hell of alot of housewifes buy.You see they're just the type of people who would have an interest in earning great money from home.

And for the product "How To Instantly Make Yourself Ten Times More Attractive To The Opposite Sex" you'd place that advert in say an area of the local newspaper where the singles section is.

See how this works. Your providing people with a legitamate way to improve themselves. And your targeting them in the correct manner. Its a marketing technique that will make you extremely rich.

And remember all this is done through the post. You never have any contatc with the customer. It's perfect.

Just imagine waking up to one hundred cheques coming straight through your postbox. Before you'd of only just arrived in work.


Don't envy the millionaires.

Become one.

About the Author

Jonathan Streets money making weekly eZine "21st Century Entrepreneur" is one of the hottest money making newsletters in the world today.
He's also the author of "How To Make £5,000 - £10,000 A Month From Home". He invites you to get both for free from his ever popular web site.

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