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Organizational Tips For Internet Home Based Business Success
Starting from the Fundamentals and doing it right, often builds confidence and motivates us to reach our goal much sooner and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Similarly as an Internet Home Based Business Entrepreneur, there are certain Fundamental...
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Pay Per Click Advertising For Home Business Owners
The biggest stumbling block for most home business owners is marketing their business. Most will start at free to post FFA pages and safelists. Most free advertising will never be seen by anyone and as a result business owners get discouraged...
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The Ultimate, “Must-Have” Home-Based Business for YOU a Underemployed, Unemployed, or Industrial Age Individual


Allow me to educate you on the issue of job security and
paint you a picture of what the aftermath can be if you
remain comfortable at your regular job. Job security is an
old-fashioned term that claims the longer an employee
worked for a particular company, the more precious that
person became. The employee was once valuable to the
company because they graduated from college, got a degree,
and/or had determination for hard labor. In the past, it
was all right to become comfortable with your position. In
today’s society, being comfortable is the wrong thing to do
and actually, it’s a trap. This trap is the reason why
people with college degrees are without jobs and the good
workers are always the first ones released from a
professional setting. I am a Housekeeper for the Home at
Hearthstone, a nursing home in Cincinnati, Ohio. I work
from 7 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. for $8.40 per hour. The wages that
I make alone, tells you that I am working at a dead-end job
and receiving paychecks that don’t reflect a thorough
performance. I am an underemployed 19 year old-male who
attends college and makes good grades. Graduating from
college might raise my income level slightly, but it will
not secure me a job. I am among millions of individuals who
like their jobs and work very hard at their occupations. I
am also among many Americans who believe that in order to
maintain my job; I must show up to work everyday on time,
listen to my supervisor and do a complete and thorough job.
These three things combined will not keep you your job. If
you continue to hold that belief, you’ll find yourself in
debt, have bad credit, and lose your house and other
financial obscurities. Losing what you have worked hard for
all your life is not a great feeling! What I am about to
tell you is very important and will save you time or
otherwise, reality will slap you in the face! Job Security
has departed from this world permanently. Knowing that job
security is dead, what can YOU do to create a substantial
income? YOU need to do two things. First, decide that you
want to work for yourself. Second, take the initiative to
start your own business. Either you can work for someone
else or you can work for yourself. The second choice is
better than the first one. At 16, I thought that I can do
whatever I want on the job as long is my work is done. In
other words, I like to do things my way. I continue to feel
like that today in the workforce. When working for a
corporate employer, you must follow job policy at all
times. Conflict will arise when your rules don’t match
policy rules and you’re in jeopardy of losing your quicker
than you expected. If you hold similar beliefs such as
mine, then a home-based business if for YOU, which leads to
the biggest hurdle of the two steps, taking the initiative.
If you don’t take the initiative to start your own
business, then you’re making a foolish decision. Millions
of people are without jobs or working for awful wages. This
is due to a bad economy. The government will continue to
show their lack of sympathy by taking many taxes out of the
checks of lower and middle class citizens, while the rich
continue to get tax breaks. (There is a solution to that
problem if you click on the link in the resource box and
click on the Taxwayz link inside my website.) On August 25,
2004, I joined the Moneywayz program because my goal is to
make more money with a home-based business within a few
months than I make with my regular job in an entire year.
Within minutes of reading the brochure, I decided to put my
skepticism to the side and take a chance because if you do
not take chances, your income will become stagnant and you
will still be a subordinate to your supervisor. Can you
afford to live without money? If you plan to start a
home-based business, but don’t have an idea on exactly what
you want to do, then the following may be the most
important. Would you like to become a part of a business
that provides you with power-packed tools to become a
business success on the Internet? Would you like to join a
business who believes, “The Greatest Music Is Money”? Would
you like to end financial depression? If this is correct,
then read on further to the resource box. Educate yourself
and develop your skills so you can be a demand for
financial success!

About the Author

Paul Wilson II, a second-year college student, business owner will take you by the hand and paint YOU a picture of the exact results achieved with the Moneywayz program! Discover how you can achieve an explosive income with six profitable businesses, starting today: http://pwil.moneywayz.com/ FREE.

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