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Work From Home Internet Business Opportunities-Advantage And Disadvantages
People often ask me how I make money online working from home. When I tell them, the response is usually, COOL I WISH I WERE DOING THAT! But there are some minor disadvantages of having a work from home internet job. My number 1 disadvantage of...
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Work At Home, But Don't Become A Slave To Your Business
Although the expressed reasons for wanting to work from home are many and varied, most home based business owners cite the ability to set their own hours as a major factor in their decision to work at home. However, many people that have work at...
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The Perfect Home Based Business: Freelance Writing


There are a number of different ways to make some extra money from home. Based on what you see on numerous web sites, you can earn money by stuffing envelopes, creating web sites or joining a multi level marketing program.

And perhaps some people do make some money that way. But after over twenty years as a freelance writer, I can't imagine a better way to work from home and earn a decent income.

Here are my top 4 reasons why I think freelance writing is the perfect home based business...

>> 1. It costs you almost nothing to get started.

If you are reading this, you already have a computer and an internet connection. And that's pretty much all you need. Maybe some sheets of paper and envelopes from time to time.

With freelance writing you can start earning right away and you don't need to invest in any additional software or equipment. Your brain and a keyboard are all you need.

If you have some background in commercial writing or copywriting, you really can get started right away. If not, you might want to invest in a good writing course to give you the skills and knowledge to do great work.

>> 2. You can adapt your work to your circumstances.

Freelance writing is something you can do full-time or part-time.

It is open to everyone, whether you are single and have all the time in the world, or have children and can only work for two or three hours after they go to bed, or while they are at school.

Your age doesn't matter, however young or old you are.

Where you live doesn't matter, whether you're in a big city or out in the country somewhere.

>> 3. You can get started without giving up your day job.

You don't have to give up your job to get started. Plenty of professional commercial writers earn their salary and then do a little 'moonlighting' on the side. But even if you are employed in an unrelated profession, you can still do some writing when you're not at work.

>> 4. A good economy or a bad economy. They are both good for freelance writers.

When the economy is roaring, there is always plenty of work for good freelance writers. Companies have more writing work than they can handle with their own staff.

But here is the magical part: even when the economy goes bad, and companies are laying off employees by the thousands, it's still a good time for freelance writers. The more employees that companies let go, the more dependant they become on outsourcing their writing needs to freelancers.

When times are bad, this is a wonderful position to be in. Nobody can fire you, and there is always some work out there.

>> Concluding thoughts.

If there is a better way to work from home and make good money, I haven't come across it. Even if you don't have any commercial writing experience right now, you can still learn and still start earning some extra money.

About the Author

Nick Usborne is a copywriter, author, speaker and advocate of good writing. You can access all his archived newsletter articles on copywriting and writing for the web at his www.ExcessVoice.com site. You'll find more articles and resources on how to make money as a freelance writer at www.FreelanceWritingSuccess.com

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