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The Three F's of Home Business
The Three F's of Home Business Copyright (c) Jill Black 2003 When considering starting a new home business venture it should rate well using the three F's of business. - Feasibility There are several questions you will need to ask...
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Home Business Success Do You Have The Right Mindset?
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The Beginner's Guide to Home Business Marketing


Hello again, Lisa Lake here with more tips for the beginning home
businessperson. As you may know from my past articles, after
raising my kids I went back into the work force, and I faced down
several challenges. I'm a non-traditional businessperson, and I
had to learn the system the hard way. I didn't have a business
degree, and I didn't have the years of experience my co-workers
did, but, being a reasonably intelligent person and a hard
worker, after only a glitch or two I found myself really

Well, after a few years of commuting, I found I really missed the
freedom of being at home, so I decided to go into business for
myself. I was not so surprised to find that I now was facing a
whole new set of challenges. Working at a corporation I just had
to show up and be good at the job I was hired to do. Working at
home I soon discovered that I had to be an expert at everything,
especially marketing. When you're in business for yourself,
you've got to have a way of bringing customers to your business.
After a few months of trying different approaches, I learned that
the best way to market, at least for my business, is on the web.
I've streamlined my best web marketing ideas into what I call my
1-2-3 program, and I'd like to share it with you. Here they are.

1. Get a great web site. Business is seldom done over the phone
these days. It's all web based, and having a great web site is
crucial, because it's the first impression the customer has of
you. If your website isn't professional, people will just move
on, won't they? There are several cheap and even free website
services on the web. Just do a search and pick the one that
works best for you. You can pick decor and font and all kinds of
stuff to make your site seem more like you.

2. Get listed on search engines. This is really important, too.
A great website doesn't do you any good if nobody can find it,
now does it? This can be a little more expensive, but you'll
find it pays off if you do it right. Choose a popular engine or
two, and then register key words that you think people who are
looking for your type of business might use. Most pay-per-click
engines offer a ranking when you submit words so you know where
you'll be on the list when you pay a certain amount. Try to get
top ten listings with at least two of your terms.

3. Use Autoresponders to get in touch with prospective clients.
Have a place on your website where interested customers can enter
their email addresses. Then have an autoresponder service send
out one, three, or even seven follow-up mailers. This is a great
way to bring in people who can't quite make up their minds.
There are lots of great sites that are cheap or even free that
offer this service as well. Again, do a search and pick the one
that works best for you.

This combination of website, search engine listing, and
autoresponder has worked great for me. My business is booming
now, and I couldn't be happier. Give it a try and I bet it will
work for you.

About the Author

Lisa Lake has created a list of top promotional methods on her
http://MyAdBlaster.com Lisa also writes ad copy that sells for
DrNunley's http://InternetWriters.com Reach her at
mailto:lisa@myadblaster.com or 801-328-9006.

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