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The #1 Reason More People Don’t Succeed in Their Home Business


Most of you know of the potential of the home-based business industry.
Most of you know that there is significant money to be made and that many
people are making huge incomes. You know that this is the best way to
create a second source of income, and even a primary source of life-time
wealth. You also know that there is likely no other way to create such a
significant residual income unless you are a famous actor, author or
singer. And yet, despite this knowledge only a small portion of people
who get involved in a home business ever see the success they are dreaming
about. Why?

Probably most important reason why more people don’t succeed is that they
are unwilling to get out of their comfort zone. Everyone one has a set
lifestyle, a set of habits and patterns that they are comfortable with.
You have a set group of friends, set type of foods you like, even a set
place to sit and relax that just feel comfortable. These are all things
that make up your comfort zone. For most people the skills that are
necessary to build a successful home business are not something we do
every day and as such are not in our comfort zone. These are skills such
as making phone calls, giving presentations and training others.

To demonstrate the power of your comfort zone we will do an exercise.
STOP right here and do this exercise before you go on any further. The
exercise is simple. Take off your watch, and put it on your other wrist –
go ahead do it – now!

Strange isn’t it! If you are like me even the process of doing the watch
up on the opposite wrist was difficult. In fact as I try to type here
every letter feels strange because my watch is on the wrong wrist! Now I
challenge you to where it this way for at least one day. As you go
through the day you’ll notice that you eventually adapt do the
difference. Eventually you don’t even think about the fact that your
watch is on the wrong wrist. In other words your comfort zone has been

By now you should realize how powerful the comfort zone is in your life.
In order to try anything knew you need to step out of your comfort zone.
Think of trying some exotic food for the first time. There was likely
some apprehension in trying it, a little nervousness perhaps? This is
because you need to get out of your comfort zone to try that food – if you
don’t get nervous trying new food then its because you have made trying
need food in and of itself part of your comfort zone.

Next think back to the first day on the job. Chances are you were a
little scared, and certainly apprehensive about the new change. But what
happened over time? Well you got familiar with what you had to do, you
performed the job day after day, and eventually it likely became second
nature to you. Basically it became part of your comfort zone.

Why should this be any different when you start your home business? Of
course you’ll be nervous, of course you’ll be scared about getting
started – that is because you are getting out of your comfort zone. In
fact in a home business you have a right to be even more nervous than when
you went to your first day on the job because the skills in most cases are
so much different.

But remember the good news. The more you went to work at your job, the
easier it because, and eventually it became comfortable. The same will
happen in your home business as long as you let it. Here you don’t have a
boss telling you to go and make the call, you need to do it yourself. You
need to personally take the initiative to get out of your comfort zone.
As a great leader in my business often says, “Anything you persist in
doing becomes easier, not because the task itself is any easier but
because your abilities [and comfort] level increase making it easier.”

Every time you do something that takes you out of your comfort zone makes
you stronger. Every time you pick up the phone to make a call it will get
easier and more comfortable. The more presentations you do for your
business the better you’ll feel about doing presentations. Your comfort
zone just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I once heard a list of promises to do everyday that will ensure you will
continue to grow and have a successful life. The one thing from that list
I remember is to promise yourself that each day you will do something that
scares you. In other words do something each day that is out of your
comfort zone. I challenge you today to make that promise to yourself and
then record each day, what you did to get out of your comfort zone that
day. Let this principle fill your whole life, more than just your
business. Get out of your comfort zone and invite someone to church with
you; get out of your comfort zone and share your faith with someone; get
out of your comfort zone and tell someone you love them; get out of your
comfort zone and have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding –
simply put get out of your comfort zone!

As you do this day by day your comfort zone will expand, you’ll also be
more comfortable in making that initial step out of your comfort zone.
Remember little steps forward are a lot better than not moving at all. If
you do this, and are willing to daily expand your comfort zone, you will
be a success in the home-business industry – there is simply nothing that
can stop you!

About the Author

Danny Gamache
Editor – A Christian Networker’s Perspective

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