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How To Start Your Own Internet Online Business At Home Even If You Know Nothing About Internet
One of the unique features about doing business on the net is that you are exposed to unimaginable volumes of information. It can boggle your mind. You can read until you go cross eyed and your head starts to spin. You read because you believe that...
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Learn how to start your own home business in 24 hours
http://www.4evermarketing.com/pbi/pbpsec.html will introduce a great new way for ordinary people to learn the home business secrets and begin making money online as easily as possible. This is the way to make your living online, from the comfort of...
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Starting A Home Business: Step 9


Have you decided to publish a weekly newsletter to keep in touch with your prospects? Today you will learn how often to send out mailings to your list and how to manage your list. You will also learn how to get people to sign up for your newsletter, especially if you are in a crowded market niche.

(If you missed the first 8 steps, you can catch up here) http://kenleonardjr.com/step1

Almost anyone can put together a weekly ezine. But only those that take the time to learn how to properly manage their list get to publish without all of the potential headaches.

So how do you get people to sign up for your list when there are already many ezines trying to get noticed by your target market? Offer your web site visitor an original added incentive to join your list. Remember that your prospect is faced with giving their personal contact information to someone that they do not know. Create an original series or report that addresses a problem that your target market is faced with and gives them a solution. Here's an example of this in action: http://KenLeonardJr.com .

Don't make the mistake of offering your potential reader some overexposed ebook that won't be useful to them. If you are giving away a freebie that your visitor has seen a hundred times already, they will not think it is worth giving up their contact info for it. That's the bottom line.

Once your web site visitor has signed up to get your ezine, how often do you send messages to them? Sending them way too much email (like everyday) can make them see you as a nuisance. Send your messages too infrequently (like once in 6 months) and you chance that they will forget who you are. Avoid both of these situations with consistent contact that is useful and not a bother to your reader.

There is nothing wrong with sending messages to a prospect once every three days at the beginning, if you limit this more frequent contact to six or seven issues. Then increase the time between your mailings so you are publishing weekly, bimonthly or monthly after that.

Managing your list can become a chore as it grows larger. You will need to make sure that unsubscribe requests are being honored in a timely manner. Clean your list of all canceled subscriptions on a regular basis, too. And you will have to manage your undeliverable contacts, commonly known as bounces. This can be quite a job if you have a large list that gets a regular stream of new sign ups.

Rather than performing list maintenance manually, you should find a list management system that will do most of it for you. An easy to use automated tool that I use for my house lists can be found here: http://arp.kljonline.com

Do yourself a favor and run your ezine the right way from the beginning. Sure, you will make some mistakes. But following the advice in this tutorial can keep your mistakes to a minimum and make your life a lot easier.

It's a simple choice... Do you want to deal with a lot of headaches on a regular basis or just the occasional small problem.

About the author:
Be In Business For Yourself,
But Not By Yourself.
Get personal help from
Ken Leonard Jr. so you can
make a living from home...

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