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Networking Your Home Business within Circles of Influence
When you need an auto mechanic or an air conditioning repairman, where do you turn for help? Sure, some people turn to the yellow pages. But most will turn to friends and family and ask if they know of anyone who can do the work. The best...
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Fearlessly Entering Your Home Based Business Niche
Want to have your own home based business, but you're not sure what to do? Most business counselors and the like will tell you that you should find your home based business niche that involves something you like to do. But what if you look at your...
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Starting A Home Based Business; Dealing With The Yo-Yo Effect


The emotional aspects of starting a home business can have you
experiencing high highs and low lows (the yo-yo effect).
In addition to the immediate luxuries of being your own boss,
setting your own working hours, and avoiding a stressful commute,
there are also significant things on the other side of the
ledger...starting and building a home business is not just an
automatic trip to the promised land.

The need for self discipline is important...since you donít have
a boss and a place to report for work, it is now up to you to
schedule your time and perform productive tasks on your own.

Set actual work hours. Decide what hours you are going to work
each day and stick to it as much as possible. This is one of the
beautiful things about a home based business...you get to make
this choice based upon your own personal situation for that
particular day.

Make "to do" lists for each day. Then, as you complete the items,
check them off the list. You can transfer anything you don't get
done on a particular day to the next days list and make some
notation so that you can see that it is a carryover from the
previous day...however, remain constantly aware of the
procrastination trap which leads you to keep putting things off
until tomorrow. Hopefully, this will help you to stay organized
and on task and allow you to make some real progress in
developing your home based business.

In the early going, one of the most difficult things about
developing a new home based business is dealing with the
emotional roller coaster that can result from the highs
(successes) and lows (temporary setbacks) you are almost certain
to experience. Once you have done the research and decided on a
particular home based business opportunity, you really need to
focus on PERSISTENCE and realize that any real business will not
just automatically become successful in days or weeks...you
should be prepared to give it your best effort for at least
6 to 12 months in order to begin to build a solid income base.

Highs and lows were something that I began to notice when I first
started a home based business. I have many years of top level
management experience in "traditional" corporations and have
experienced lots of business cycles (corporate "ups and downs"),
but the natural "ups and downs" that occur in a home business
(particularly in the early stages) can be emotionally brutal if
you donít prepare yourself in advance for the fact that it is a
basic law of nature...it will be a rocky road until you have
spent enough time and effort to build your business to a level
that sort of smoothes out the peaks and valleys.

The impact of the highs and lows you will probably experience in
developing your home based business is amplified by the fact
that you are now in business on your own. You are the boss and
get to make all the decisions, but you are also on your own in
dealing with the frustrations that will occur along the way
while you are developing your business.

About the Author

Kirk Bannerman operates his own successful home based business
and also coaches others seeking to start their own home based
business. For more information visit his website at

Proven Work At Home Business
for more details.

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