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What? Me Start a Home Business?
Most folks in the workforce dream at one time or another of starting their own business. Have you ever heard the phrase "You need to fire your boss"? Many of us would like to do that! Yet when it comes right down to it, most will never venture...
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The Coming Home Business Boom
There is a coming home-business boom. You may not read much about it, since home business activity takes place quietly, but it's coming nonetheless. All of the elements are there to support this quiet boom. Layoffs are increasing. Home-equity...
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Starting A Home Based Business - Are People Really Making Money ?


When deciding to start a home based business, I had many questions
running through my mind. The one that stands out the most is "are people really making money"? To me it all sounds too good to be true and you know what they say about that right? Supposedly if it sounds too good to be true then it is. I don't want to believe that with this. Along with starting the home based business there’s a lot of research and reading. I have read about affiliate programs, drop shippers, e-books, products and software to help you with your home based business, newsletters and ezines. Well of course nothing is easy and nothing comes F.R.E.E, so now as I am questioning if people really do make money, I am also putting out money. Now that's a scary thing isn't
it? With every business you must invest money in order to make
money. People invest thousands of dollars into the stock market,
some make money, some lose money. It's a gamble just like
starting a business, whether it's online or offline. It's actually
less expensive to have an online business because you don’t have to
pay rent, utilities, employees, benefits for employees, have inventory, stock your inventory or buy a wardrobe for work..
What keeps me motivated to find out if people really do make money is reading about the ones saying they do and how much they are making. You can check out a list of successful online home based business owners at http://www.informingwomen.com/Online_Success.html . Some are successful selling other people's products while others market their own. In my work4yourself newsletter I will talk about what kind of online businesses there are to start and finding a niche market. You can subscribe to my newsletter by going to http://www.informingwomen.com . I subscribe to a variety of the successful online business owners ezines/newsletters because if they are successful then who better to learn from? I mean if they can do it I can too. So about the question do people really make money online? People are claiming they are and do. I can't personally answer that question YET. When I can answer it, I will be sure to share the information with you. You can read more articles and get more information on home based businesses at http://www.informingwomen.com
Cori Sachais Swidorsky

About the Author

I Reside in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Stay at home mom,work at home mom, author and editor of Informing Women Newsletter and owner of http://www.informingwomen.com Author of Advice from an Ordinary Woman column for the Crescent Hills NewsLetter. Have articles published at todayshint.com , cleaningfacts.com and other various websites.

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