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Learn how to start your own home business in 24 hours
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Seven Steps Towards a Successful Home Business


The excitement of work from home can evaporate without a balanced life. To obtain optimal benefits from your business be passionate about it and believe 100% in it. It is important to have goals, a plan and steps to follow towards your goal. Jim Rohn, Americaís leading philosopher, says a successful entrepreneur will work as hard on themselves as their business. It is also imperative to maintain physical health.

Be passionate About Your Business

Believe you are in the best business. If you donít believe in your business then stop now! Find something offering positive outcomes. Itís easier to keep an existing customer than to find a new one. Offer exceptional service. Treat everyone with respect, listen to them. Ask for their birthday (Not Year) Enter these details into a spreadsheet then email them greetings. Small things will promote you as someone who cares more about the customer than yourself.

Have A Goal

Without a goal you are like a rudderless ship. You are working without a clear why. Write down your goals. Make short-term goals. Perhaps your first goal is have a list of goals including timelines within 7 days. Make specific goals. ďI want to be a rich within two years,Ē isnít a goal, itís a daydream. Zig Ziglar quotes research that proved those with well defined written goals, succeed at a higher level than those without goals. Ask yourself ďWhere do I intend being in 12 months? Write your goals, focus on the results. Now get going! Itís that simple.

The Plan

Success doesnít happen without preparation. Set yourself a 90-day plan.

First: Choose your goal. Is it finding a work from home business opportunity? Number of customers? Amount of income?

Secondly: Determine how to meet these goals. How many people you need to talk with, how much reading to accomplish, other activity needed.

Thirdly: Evaluate your goal weekly to ensure you are on track. If not then double your effort.

Breakdown your goals to manageable steps. Congratulate yourself when you succeed.

The Daily Method of Operation (DMO)

When your plan is completed, establish priorities. Spend most time on what provides most benefit. Donít procrastinate. Start with the most difficult task. Keep a time diary for one week. Include everything you do from rising until retiring. This is a difficult task requiring commitment. When accomplished it will pay off. How much time weekly do you spend showering, thinking about what to do, watching TV etc? You will be surprised at where you can save precious time when you analyze this diary. Next plan your day. Write everything to be achieved, allocate a timeframe. You will be amazed at how much you will achieve following a realistic DMO.

Personal Development

For x years you have been conditioned by your current mindset and beliefs. What has this given you? If you want more then you must become more. Start reading books that stretch your mind. Some of my favorite authors are: Jim Rohn, Susan Jeffers, Robert Kiyosaki, Louise Hay and John Keohoe. Check these out, find others that Ďspeakí to you.

Physical Well Being

You need activity to keep your body in good working order. Choose the exercise that suits you.

Take time out once or twice a day for at least 15 minutes, to relax. Listen to relaxation music. No interruptions focus on your health, happiness and abundance.

Choose natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, salads, grains and pulses. Variety is vital, helping you obtain the nutrients your body requires.

A Balanced Life

With the above steps in place it will be simple to ensure a balanced life. List of everything important to you. Include time with, family, friends, social events, sport, exercise, volunteering, time with your god, walking the dog. If you follow these steps you will improve your opportunity of having a successful business.

About The Author

Cheryl Haining is a successful home-based business operator. To learn how to create an income stream from your home that will replace your job and develop true financial freedom visit www.keybusinesstips.info. For information about weight loss fitness and nutrition visit www.trimlikeme.net.


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