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Planning Ahead in Your Home Based Business
When things are going well, planning ahead in your home based business for any difficulties is not necessarily what you really want to think about when you are riding high.  However, planning ahead in your home based business is exactly what...
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Decision Making In A Home Based Online Business (3)
Information You Need To Make Decisions There is no disputing the fact that to make decisions, you need information. Without information, you are guessing in a vacuum. If you guess instead of decide, you are reducing your chances of success with...
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Setting Up A Home Business Office


If you are starting a new home based business, one of the
first requirements will be that of a home business office.
Many people make the mistake of not having a separate place
dedicated to their home based business affairs, and then
have to suffer losses and face hardships if important
business papers get lost, are eaten by the family dog, or
are used by the children to make confetti. Having a separate
home business office can save you all these troubles.

A home business office need not occupy a very large space,
or use up an entire room of your home; but it should be an
area that is earmarked especially for your home based
business and nothing else. Your home business office should
be considered much like a regular office, where you can work
without being disturbed and where you can keep all your
business related things and papers.

Here are some tips to help you in having an organized home
business office:

1. The home business office should be set up in such a
manner that you can do all your business tasks easily, and
all important things should be within reach. So, no having a
computer in one room, the cabinets in another, important
papers in a third, and then running from room to room
conducting your business.

2. If the area of your home business office is small and
there is not a lot of floor space for storage cabinets,
get shelves made on the walls instead. This will use up a
lot of wasted wall space and give you enough storage for
all your business related books, files, and folders.

3. Try and have a separate phone line for your home
business office. This way, you will not have
to entertain personal calls at work hours and will not need
to fight for the home phone with your family members. If
there is a space crunch, fix the telephone to the wall
instead of having it on your desk.

4. Make sure your desk has a lot of cubbyholes, nooks, and
small spaces for pencil sharpeners, staplers, paper clips,
and other small business home office items.

About the Author

Michael is the creator of Home Biz Mall, a website dedicated to providing helpful tips, insights and resource to running a successful home based business.

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