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Selling a REAL product as your home business


What is selling tangible product using the internet? simple, it is like having a store online. Instead of a physical store or shop that you lease and you put your items in, it is an online store. A store that people can get in in just one click, but a store that people can get out also in just one click.

To be successful with selling product, you have to plan carefully in making your website. The first thing you need to take into account, is that you need to start with some strategy. Throw away the image of what products you're going to put in there, how to get the products, and start with the strategy. With this planning, you are going to save more money and more time.

So what are the strategies?

Firstly, you need to have a targeted consumer to whom the product would benefit the most. Whether the targeted consumers are teenagers, people in their old age or general people, you need to have the "Primary consumers/audience". Think of your product, and find out by research or survey, who are the people more interested in buying your product, and who are the people who would likely stop by and find out more about your product. Once you have targeted these people, you can start deciding on whether you need to put more interactions with the people in your website, or you'll present a business-like website.

Secondly, you need to know, research what the benefits are of using your product and identify it in your website. People would like to know, (Especially your primary audience) what the benefits are in your products. For example, when you are deciding on buying a car, would you want to know what the benefits are in buying different cars available on the market? Well, exactly the same with the products you are selling, you'll need to present to people what they would get by buying your product. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of your product, be honest (Although not too honest, all I'm trying to convey is, do not say to the consumers that your product is the best on earth and the cheapest one. It will just drive away the non-believing consumers).

Thirdly, create a brand/sayings that you try to put in people's head all the time. What I mean by this case is, when kids listen to the "half-phrase" "Always..." they would think of the song "Always Coca-cola". Also, when you hear the word "Toyota" you would know exactly what you're hearing, and when you imagine the word "Toyota" in your head, you'll have a picture of one of the Toyota cars instead of other things. Similarly, you would need to create a brand that would stay in people's head. For example if you are selling electronic, you can always have something saying such as, "[your brand name], The electronic that shocks your need"

Lastly, know your competition! You'll need to know how good your competition is to be able to succeed. Of course, you want to know how to beat them using your strategy. The first thing you need to do is to research on how good your competitions are. The way you do it is, to connect to the internet and then browse through your competitions website. If you are selling mugs for example, type the word 'mugs' on one of the search engine such as www.google.com, and the website that comes up listed on the page are all your competitions. If you have time, select them and check out on their content, layout and design to compare it with YOUR design and layout. Find out on how good your competition is, sign up with them and find out how their customer service is. This is also a good way if you don't have any idea on how to make a good customer service. Set your standard and once again, you are on your way to succeed on the internet.

Once you know all those, then...

To sell tangible products and make profit, you would either have to have some capital to start up, or you would have to make use of the internet to sell them. That is, having the internet to help you sell the products (That you don't even have in your hand). This is called dropshipping. The way it works is that you create a website, and wait for the orders to come, and forward the order to the company, who then would send the products to your customers under your trading name.

For more information and detail information on dropshipping, that is, selling without the products in your garage, or even handling the product, then click on the link below



Sally Widjaja, the editor and webmaster of http://www.aubizhelp.com
This strategy can be used for more than just real products, if you have an ebook to sell, use it as well. Email me for more information

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