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SPORTS - best homebased business ideas


We've got some unique sports-themed twists to new and traditional homebased business! here's a couple of HOT ideas:

Sports Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast establishments are a hot commodity. Providing travel weary tourists with a friendly and serene place to stay is very welcomed in today's rushed world.

Bed and breakfasts typically offer more personalized service, thus their popularity. Many travellers swear by them, and would not stay in what they consider a "cookie-cutter" hotel room.

This idea would capitalize on the that idea, from a sports perspective. If you already own a bed and breakfast, or you are considering one, this might be a very good full or part time idea.

Transform your inn with a sports theme- complete with sports-themed room decorations and linens. If you live close to a certain city with professional sports, you can bet there will be fans that travel to see the games.

You can organize cook outs, pep rallies before the big game, a big screen TV to watch other games, etc. Build a community feel, it's what bed and breakfasts do best!

Advertise on the Internet, to attract fans from out of town, as well as locally (for people to consdier you next time). Build and maintain a mailing list of previous tenants (ask first!) to build repeat stays.

Keep in mind that you could do this idea just during, say, football season, and then run the inn as usual the rest of the year. If you're city has year-round professional sports, you might consider going full time!

Sports shuttle

Make sure your mode of transportation seats plenty in a comfortable manner. You can install a DVD player to play videos of the hometown team, play fight songs on a CD player, etc. Whatever it takes to whip your crowd into a frenzy!

Ask your local sports venues for guidelines regarding dropping off and picking up passengers near the sports facility.

You can offer round trip or one-way tickets to your riders, although one-way means you'll have to designate an end point to avoid confusion. This may be best done when you assemble a fleet of sports shuttles. For now, stick with round trip!

Golf business ideas 101

Golf business ideas can be as unique as everybody's game- and believe me, there's no shortage of golfers out there! Making golf so attractive to would-be entreprenuers is the millions that play the sport. Golf is a participation sport, as well as a pretty popular spectator item. This gives you two angles to approach your target market.

One golf business idea that getting pretty popular is the content site that offers golf equipment reviews. Shoppers are pretty savvy these days- online, they can price compare till they drop. But they're also looking for opinions on products they are considering, especially unsolicited and unbiased opinions, in the form of reviews from people just like them.

This could be a great golf business idea for you. Imagine setting up a site that caters to these info seekers, and getting content delivered from the visitors themselves! Talk about a self-healing website! Golfers are usually more than happy to throw their two cents in when it comes to the good, bad, and ugly of golf stuff.

You'll want to provide incentive for participation, however. Be prepared to fill your site with something of value- once your site really gets humming, the reviews will be the main attraction. But until then, be prepared short and long term with quality content. You can write about your own experiences with various golf clubs, etc., and spin off material such as golf travel, tips, and such to give your site that "lived in" look.
Rob Moore is the homebased guru for SPORTS fans. Bringing the best home based business ideas from Business-HomeRun.com, it's time you turned your Passion Into Profits!

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