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SPORTS- best homebased business ideas: part 3


sports photography opportunities abound. There are many varieties of sports photography business ideas, from the freelance selling his/her works to local and national media, to building a consistent gig offering sports photography to the multitude of schools and recreational sports leagues.

Sports photography can be an exciting world to live in. Hectic, sometimes chaotic, but rewarding. There are many small startups that do great business in sports photography. We'll hopefully give you a "clearer picture" on this outstanding business opportunity!

Sports photography and you

Building a photography business will take some skill and salesmanship, but it can be pretty profitable. As little as a local community college class can usually give you a quality foundation, even if you've never taken photos professionally before. From there, you can learn as you go (and there still will be much to learn).

Equip yourself with the best equipment from the start, so you don't handicap yourself. Your local specialty photo store should be able to point you in the right direction.

We'll break down a few business ideas for the aspiring sports photography expert!

Sports photography- photo day- Every little league, high school, college, and recreational league has a photo day. Contact schools and league offices to find out if you can bid for the job- photographers fall out of grace all the time, and you may be able to squeeze in. Taking a LOT of photos, developing (wouldn't hurt eventually to establish your own darkroom) and then selling packages will be your assignment here.

Sports photography- freelance- Don't plan on freelance stuff paying the rent right off the bat, but add this to your arsenal of business skills, and you're giving yourself yet another chance to suceed. Freelance photography is pretty competitive, especially if you huddle around college and pro sports. Local athletics and selling your pics to local papers would be a good place to start.

Photo Novelties- Very popular lately! Taking photos, and then transferring those images to items such as photo sculptures, keychains, t-shirts, and such is a big money maker. Every one loves to see their name up in lights!

Another photo novelty that I love is the sports card photo. These are big hits with younger ball players, and their parents. They get their image on a "real" sports card. What could be better! Boy, I wish they had those things when I was playing ball!

Sports Event Organizer

This article takes a hot idea and makes it even better! Event organizing has become a huge growth industry, and many people have built solid and profitable businesses with event organizing.

This type of industry takes a strong ability to listen to your clients, very good customer service and "host" skills, and a keen ability to multi-task and see a big picture.

The sports industry generates interest on many levels; that's the primary reason that this business idea is such a fertile area. Whether it is card collecting and other participatory activities that fans engage in, or merely watching the games, athletes and teams in action, there is lots to do for the avid sports event organizer.

There are two distinct types of sports event organizing ideas that we will cover- the first is event organizing, as it pertains to organizing and running sporting activities, usually for profit. This can include sports tournaments, bar games and contests, etc. that someone either hires you to organize, or you gain permission to run and profit from the events themselves. Many of these events will be joint ventures, with you and the client negotiating a profit split.

The second organizing business type is party planning. This involves planning and organizing parties with sports themes. This can involve anything from birthday parties, corporate functions, even community events.
Rob Moore is the homebased guru for SPORTS fans. Bringing the best home based business ideas from Business-HomeRun.com, it's time you turned your Passion Into Profits!

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