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How to Effectively Manage Your Time With A Home Business
Are you spending too much time with your home business and not achieving the results you desire. Focusing too much of your time and efforts on your business and achieving poor results can have detrimental effects on your business, your...
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Home Business Success Steps
A HARE one day ridiculed the short feet and slow pace of the Tortoise, who replied, laughing: "Though you be swift as the wind, I will beat you in a race." The Hare, believing her assertion to be simply impossible, assented to the proposal; and...
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PASSION + PROFITABILITY = MONEY -------------------------------

The key to generate your best home-based business idea is to think about what you love and know. What's your Passion? ...

Another secret is whether you can turn your passion into something that people will pay handsomely for and with minimal competition? Make sure it has excellent Profitability! ...

In summary, do what you love and the Money will follow!

Steps on generating your home based business idea

1. Find your passions

What are your hobbies and interests? What would you like to learn more about or become an expert in? Can any of your hobbies turn to your home-based business idea?

Let your thoughts run free. Brainstorm as many home based business ideas as you can think of. Write them down on a master list.

2. Discover your talents

What are your talents and strengths? What are your unique bases of knowledge that you have learnt on the job?
What do you do better than most people?

Talk to people who know you best and they may spot talents that you're totally unaware of. Any new home based business idea? Drop it down to your master list.

3. Find out what people want ----------------------------

In general, people want only two kinds of benefits:

Good feelings
Solutions to their problems

So your online home-based business idea is one in which you solve your customers' problems or you give good feelings to your customers. The fewer competition you have, the more money you make.

You can find out what people want on the internet by looking at the most commonly used keywords they type into the search engines. Sign up for the Free Keyword Report at Wordtracker now. You can get the top 500 keywords used by people on the net for searching every week.


Come up with any new home based business idea? ... Write it down. Review your master list and cross out any business ideas that you think have little market potential.

4. Do your profitability research ---------------------------------

Research each home based business idea on your master list. Find out the demand (how many times people search for the keyword in the net) and the supply (how much competition) ratio. The higher the ratio, the better the profitability is!

= Take the Wordtracker Free Trial

Wordtracker offers a very powerful service. It takes your home-based business idea, and presents all the variations of keywords used for that concept. Then it does the competitor analysis and finally scores each keyword according to its profitability.


= Sign up for the Free 5-day Intensive Email Course

This intensive course teaches you how to do keyword profitability, and all the other steps to build an online home based business. To take this course, just send a blank e-mail to mailto:tams@getresponse.com

= Visit Site Build It!

Site Build It! does similar analysis to Wordtracker. Actually I use both as they have different approaches. Go with keyword ideas that both products agree on!

In fact, Site Build It! does everything to build your site: register your own domain name, host it, submit it to search engines for top listings, track your traffic and sales. You get all this by just paying a little more than regular web hosting fees. It saves you weeks of hard work, converting many tedious, specialized complicated tasks into simple button-clicks. Finding your home based business idea is fast and easy.


5. Finalize your home based business idea -----------------------------------------

It's simple! Pick the one passion that you know and love, and with high profitability as your final home based business idea.

Claim your FREE Report: "The Lazy Man's Way to Earn A Full Time Income From Affiliate Programs" which will tell YOU: How to avoid the common mistakes most affiliates make The techniques that most affiliate managers hope to keep a secret How to dramatically increase your revenue by creating multiple streams of affiliate income Simply send a blank email to mailto:lazy@freeautobot.com

------------------------------------------------------------ This article may be reprinted in its entirety, provided that the resource box is left intact. Email notification of your intent to publish would be sincerely appreciated. mailto:yetti@earn-money-with-web-site.com http://earn-money-with-web-site.com

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