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Home Based Businesses are not just for mommies anymore…time to tap into a growing trend. Mommies move over…the seniors are here!
Many people hold the misconception that a home based business is only for women taking care of small children. WRONG! As a result of the corporate and private employment world’s covert adherence to age discrimination when hiring those over 50, the...
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Your Home Business Attitude
Let me put this to you nice and sweet: Attitude predicts your future. Honestly. If you tell yourself that you’re not going to succeed with a home business, you won’t. If you think you’re going to lose, you already lost. I remember as a...
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Running An Online Home Business Is Not For Sissies


If you look at the majority of ads you see as you surf the Internet, you truly begin to believe that an Online Home Business is a job made in heaven. Being in business for yourself can present real challenges but working online from your home presents even bigger challenges. Being an Online Home Entrepreneur is not for sissies! Most Online marketers actually fail during the first year they are in business.

Is patience one of your virtues? Too many people still believe the wonder stories about Instant online success. Let's get rid of this notion once and for all. Yes, I too have heard the stories about people who have come online with the right product at the time and made BIG money, but that doesn't mean they didn't have to do a lot of preparation to get to that point, and it certainly doesn't happen for everyone. I have been around the Internet for a while and I am yet to meet anyone who just got on the Internet, built a website and tons of money came rolling in. It takes patient planning, long hours and doing the right thing day after day. If you are not willing to patiently put a good strategy into place then an online home business is not for you.

Persistence is another factor you have to take into consideration. In this business you cannot afford to get upset and quit when you fail. Learn from your failures and change what is wrong. You are only a failure if you give up and quit after you fail. Success might be just around the corner, but you will never know if you quit, will you? Do you have the required persistence and determination to make it as an Online Home Business Entrepreneur?

Do you have what it takes to develop the discipline necessary to build your Online Home Business? It is not easy to wake up each morning and begin work when there are kids demanding your attention, a husband or wife that needs quality time and household chores vying for your attention. It requires great sacrifice, consistency, discipline and organization.

In order to build a huge opt-in list, you have to spend time at it each day or at least a few of days each week, especially in the initial stages. Trading links is extremely time consuming. Developing effective ads for placement, visiting and participating in forums takes a large chunk out of your day. Are you willing or able to discipline yourself to consistently begin carrying out these necessary tasks? Are you tough enough to get yourself into the routine necessary to become a profitable Online Marketer?

Far too many would be marketers blame their failure on the market. They give up thinking it does not work. The Internet is an evolving entity that requires you to be informed if you are going to be able to perform successfully. You have to be willing to learn and keep on learning day after day. Keep your bookshelves stocked to the gills with relevant information about your business. If you are not willing to keep on learning or if you feel you already know it all, you will never become successful.

Having the "Right Stuff" means you are patient, persistent, consistent, willing to make some initial sacrifices, disciplined and willing to learn and keep on learning. Just remember, Rome was not build in a day and your Online Home Business will not be either.

Are you a "Sissy" or are do you have what it takes to become a successful Home Business Entrepreneur? Think seriously about these qualities before you brave the waters of Online Marketing.

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Janice Sharman currently runs the Sure Profits Center.
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