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Disillusioned About Your Home Based Business?
Copyright 2005 Glen Snethun Do you sometimes feel like packing it in? Like you’ve made the wrong decision in starting a home based business? Feeling disillusioned? If the answer is yes, read on to find out where you are in your dissatisfaction...
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Is Your Home Business Prepared?
If you're like most people, you probably started with wonderful ideas of fulfilling your dreams, to be successful and to take charge of your own destiny. I hope you have achieved those or are well on your way. You wouldn’t think of starting...
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Reasons Why Home Based Businesses Fail


I was thinking about why home based businesses do not always find their successes. My thought here is not to say that home based businesses are not a good idea - I for one am engaged in a home based business. Instead, I was thinking about ways to help identify how to avoid failures in home based businesses. Can we actually insure success if we follow some logical first steps?

Three reasons tend to come to mind.

1. Expectations are set to high by a representative

2. Lack of Training, Education and Support by the company or representative.

3. Individual entering into the business is actually a "employee" not an "entrepreneur".

The third one is probably more important than the other two. If you have never owned a business and have always relied upon someone else giving you a paycheck, then the transition to business owner can be difficult if you are not prepared. Having to "sell" your business product or service and realizing how much work has to be done upfront can be overwhelming at first.

No question, if you can overcome the initial obstacles and stay focused you will see rewards later. This becomes the second realization of owning your own business is the amount of time it takes before you start seeing the rewards.

Another big problem is marketing is communication. Most marketers online do not communicate with their affiliates, resellers and distributors. If you are having a hard time making any money online, try following these few rules:

1. Build your communication network

2. Utilize all your resources within your business

3. Build a marketing stronghold using #1 and #2.

Not everything is the individual though. Many companies have representatives that oversell their business. In most cases the representative is a "Loose Cannon" and is saying things against company policy. You have to do your research about the company, the business, the products. Contact the company directly to get your information. Talk to others (3 - 5) that are in the business and get the different perspectives too.

Once you understand the process of owning a business and you have done your research about the company, make sure you understand the support structure. Will be you be trained, educated and supported by the company and its existing members? Without a support structure it will be very difficult to gain success completely on your own.

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About The Author

Melih Oztalay

We are a business in the art industry combined with direct sales for an income opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to work from their homes.


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