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Startup Tips For Your First Home Based Business
Over the past few years I have helped thousands of people start their own home based businesses. Many of these folks have become quite successful and others, for various reasons, have failed to achieve success. People starting out in their first...
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Realistic Expectations When Starting a Home Based Business


Working out of your home with an internet business can be the most rewarding experience, both personally and financially, that a person can undertake. The internet has made more millionaires than any other vessel in history, and you don't have to any education or experience to obtain the riches that the internet has to offer. We all want to make more money, spend time with our family, and these are only a few of the fringe benefits that owning an internet business can provide. However, individuals that have made their fortune on the internet have certain characteristics about them that have allowed them to be successful. These riches were not obtained overnight, and they were not obtained without realistic expectations.

Lets look at some of the things that would prohibit you from being successful online...

Are you currently unemployed?

I see so many people sign up for internet programs these days that are not currently employed and expect that an internet business will provide for their families right off the bat.

Businesses on the internet are not 9-5 jobs that pay by the hour, they are "businesses", and most pay by commission. As with most businesses, there are things that have to be set in place before you are going to start attracting customers. This does not happen overnight, this is something that you will put in place over time. When this is done over time, your commissions will grow and grow to the point that an internet business will replace your current income or career.

Are you unwilling to invest your money?

Many programs on the internet offer free sign-ups, free products, and free websites to help an individual get started in a internet home business. This is fantastic, because in order to make money on the internet, you have to have a product to sell, and your going to need a website to enable your customers with a place to go to purchase your products. However, visitors won't know that your website exist unless you advertise it. Many high traffic sites on the internet will allow you to advertise your products on their site for a fee.

Getting your website listing on the search engines is free and will supply you with a never ending traffic stream. But many search engines are unwilling to list free affiliate websites. The way that we overcome this is to build our own sites and link them to our affiliate websites. Building your own website will cost you around $25. So as you can see, if you cannot initially invest at least $25 - $50 a month on your internet business, your probably not going to succeed.

Are you unwilling to invest your time?

I spend about 2 hours a day online through the week working on my business. I am advertising and submitting my website to various search engines, directories, and other high traffic sites. I am critiquing my website, sending emails to my affiliates in training, making deals with other webmasters, etc.

I also do an enormous amount of reading. I have found that entrepreneurs who have made a fortune on the internet are only too happy to share their knowledge on how they got there. Some days I put in more time and some day's I don't work at all. But, I know that every hour I spend on setting my business up is just one step closer to reaching my financial goals. If you are unwilling to invest your time...your probably not going to succeed.

Are you unwilling to give up your skepticism?

Many times I have an affiliate sign up for my program, and the first thing I hear is how they have been burned by another internet business. While I'm sure there are millions of internet scams out there, I see a common characteristic that all these people seem to have...they don't DO ANYTHING!

When people sign up for my program, the first thing that I do is suggest that they complete a short online training on how our program works and the compensation plan. I have a statistics page that will tell me when the affiliates in my down line complete the training, I can see when they have made a sale or signed up an affiliate of their own. All these people that claim to be scammed in the past never even get past the online training. Then oddly enough, they will have enough gall to email me the next month and ask where their paycheck is?

Do people actually believe that they will earn a paycheck just because they signed up? Is this why so many believe that they have been scammed in the past? Are they so naïve that they think a company will pay them when they have made no sales? If any of these things sound remotely familiar...your probably not going to succeed.

In closing, operating an internet business is not a get-rich quick program, nor can you be successful if you are unwilling to invest some time and money. You must have some realistic expectations and stay focused on the goal at hand. If you are capable of doing these things, you can expect many handsome rewards in the future for your time and effort.

Best wishes for your future success and prosperity!


Rebecca Gilbert


Rebecca Gilbert is the owner of a successful internet business located at: http://www.101homebusiness.org.

For more tips and articles written by Rebecca, please visit: http://www.101homebusiness.org/home_based_business_articles.html

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