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A Perfect Time To Start Your Home Business
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Protect Your Online Home Business


Protect Your Online Home Business
by BB Lee (C)2001

In this article, I will explore the things that can go wrong
and will go wrong at least once in your Internet Online Experience.
Plus, the Back Up Plans You Need To Survive Online.

1. Lost Files: Backup everything! I learned this the
hard way when my Newsletter mysteriously disappeared
and was due to be e-mailed that day. Backup small files on a floppy disk and store them in your desk. You can also backup
files on CD's, a tape or another computer. Most computers
have a backup sytem installed. Use it. At the very least make an extra copy of all your important files and put them in another folder on your Desktop for easy access.

2. ISP Down: This can and will happpen. If you have access to another computer at home, connect to a FREE ISP. A good
strategy if your other service is offline.

3. A Virus In E-mail Attachment: Never open any attachments from an unfamiliar source. Or if curiosity gets the best of you, at least have an anti-virus installed to check your e-mail. And remember to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.

4. FREE Web-Site Vanishes: Stick with the well known free web sites. Need I say why? Better, have a duplicate Free Web site set-up just in case. And install a copy of your web site on your hard drive.

5. Spammed Constantly: Hit the delete button. Never complain to the spammer! Complaining only verifies that their spam went to a legitimate e-mail address and will increase the junk mail ten fold. If your trigger finger is tired zapping the spam, block the junk mail using your e-mail program. Read your specific e-mail program for directions.

6.Customer Complaints: Respond immediately to legitimate mplaints. At least within 48 hours. Try to reach a resolution.
This will show you value and respect your customers, and improve
your business rep Online

7. Hackers: Install firewalls to keep your web site and computer
safe. This might not stop them permanently but it will slow them down.

8. Angry E-mail: Delete the e-mail. Never respond. Block their address. Don't start a flame war. If the problem continues inform your ISP and theirs.

9. Lost Passwords: Keep several copies of all your passwords.
Encrypted copies on your hardisk. Copies in a notebook. Copies on a floppy disk.

10. Password Stolen: Change your passwords often. Select a password that is at least seven digits long. Use jumbled
letters and numbers together. Never use a common word or phrase a hacker can easily decipher. Never use your birth date or social security number which a hacker might stumble across and use.


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