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Parenting Strategies !! 6 Simple Strategies that Will Aid Your Home Business !!


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"Parenting Strategies !!
6 Simple Strategies that Will Aid Your Home Business !!"

by Dave Hertner
Copyright 2002
All Rights Reserved

Let's face it. The biggest problem that we all share in being home based business people is working at home. Specifically, working in an environment where you are unsure of the availability of uninterrupted work time.

I was in the very same situation when I decided to start my own information marketing business. I had the drive to succeed, the great idea and the support of my wonderful wife. The problem I ran into though, was my inability to secure the uninterrupted time I needed to concentrate on the business. Does this sound familiar?

I am going to save you a great deal of grief by letting you in on the 6 strategies that my wife and I developed to allow me the time I needed for the business.

The first strategy is by far the most important. It is the bedtime ritual. You have to get the kids to bed at the same time, day in and day out!! What we did was probably the hardest thing for any parent to do. We put the kids to bed, closed the door and went down stairs. If you go back in they win!!

This WILL be hard on you for the couple of nights that it takes to implement but once you are through it you're home free!! You are the one who controls when they have to go to bed. You therefor, have control over how much time you make for yourself.

The second strategy revolves around playtime. We all know that your kids require a certain amount of your undivided attention to simply play with them. Children are creatures of habit as well. Marry this into the establishment of a defined playtime. Pick a block of time and make yourself available. They are happy that they have exclusive time with you and you are able to schedule with confidence.

The third strategy is to take an evening per week off. You will need this time to be with your spouse. I picked Wednesday night as our night out. We have a babysitter that comes over at 6:30pm each week. She gets paid very well and as a result she is never late. My wife and I will go shopping, go for coffee or whatever suits our fancy but most of all we spend time talking to each other. This is very important!! You need this time to avoid the resentment that can build when your home based business becomes more of a going concern.

The fourth strategy is to eat your meals with your family. There isn't a single good reason why you cannot eat with your family. It is critical that you are there to hear what is going on with your children and your spouse. Your business will mean nothing to you when you run into the problems that result from inattention paid to your family.

The fifth strategy is a simple way to get your kids started into the bedtime routine. My wife and I found that if we had the kids watching a video just prior to their bedtime we could use the end of the video as a tool. At the end of the video are the credits. Whenever they came across the screen we would say "There are the words. It's time for bed." The kids then started to equate the credits with bedtime and the credits became to blame for their misfortune in having to go to bed. Not their parents!! This has proved to be a great tool.

The last strategy I'll share with you today has to do with the philosophy of parenting. I have noted in many families of friends where the parent tries to be the child's best friend. I personally feel that you have to be a parent to your child first and a friend second. Children thrive on structure and routine and they need to be constantly reminded of the family hierarchy.

These are the strategies that have led to the success of my information marketing business. I hope that they help you to be successful as well.

To Your Wealth!!!

Dave Hertner


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