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Steps In Starting A Simple Home Business
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Work at home - what is the best home based business?
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Network Marketing (home based business) & My “American Dream”


Dear Brothers & Sisters, a few months ago I received a letter-e-mail which totally changed my life. It turned my dream into a reality. That is why I want to share that message with all of you, so it may change your lives also.
During all those 15 years that I was living in the USA, I tried so many different things to improve my financial life, but none of them worked. I came to USA with a BIG “American Dream” in my mind. I left everyone who was close to me & everything that was valuable to me & came to the USA just for my “Dream”.
As the first step towards my goal, I started to attend a college & then university. At the same time I was working & I got married. My life started to get tough & stressful, but at least I had my “dream” with me. After I received my Bachelor Degrees (I got two-one in Accounting & the other one in Business Management) I started to work for different large companies like Universal Studios, DreamWorks, CCH and H&R Block. Life was getting very expensive. I started to change my jobs for better pay but even that did not help. By that time we already had three children & even working very hard, it was difficult to afford living. Prices for rent, utilities, insurances, gas & almost for everything were going up so dramatically that even with my 2-3% yearly wage increases it was no way to catch up with expenses. I was forced to borrow from my credit cards & soon I had a big debt. I was not moving towards to my “dream”, but I was moving 180 degree in opposite direction. My “BIG Dream” was getting smaller & smaller for me. After 12 years of hard work, I was not able to save any penny for my future, and I found myself sinking deep into credit cards bills.
One day, I put together the outstanding balances for all my credit cards; I got scared & shocked from the Total Amount. My total debt was $75,000 with $1,200 minimum payments. Wow, how did this happen? What did I do wrong? It seemed to me, that I was doing the right steps, so why did I end up only with a large debt, after 12 years of hard work? My “dream” became very tiny & almost invisible. I was loosing the only thing that was holding me for all this time. Thanks to the current law, I was able to file a bankruptcy to start fresh. But, then the question was: start what? Repeat the same thing again & continue the same stressful lifestyle? Definitely, I was not willing to do the same thing again & get into the same situation.
To try differently, I decided to open my own business. I started a new business with my friend. The idea for the business was great & it worked on the paper perfectly (theoretically). However, soon we realized that the reality was very different from the theory. The expensive rent for our office, utilities & all other office & administrative expenses (overhead) & of course business competition started to kill our business. By being a new business, our income was low & we could not catch up with growing expenses. By having losses every month, our difficulties were so big that we could not survive and closed the business. Now what? Why did it not work even though the idea for the business was great? Later, I tried several other small businesses & ventures, but again with failures & disappointments for the same reasons-huge overhead, large inventory, high rent, no support, aggressive competition, etc. So, now what? Where is the way out? Now, after all this, my “dream” became obsolete & unrealistic. I lost all my hops & was ready to go back to the beginning, to become a tiny piece of a large work force. Then, as a modern slave, waste all my life inside the office cubicles doing something that I do not like to do, dealing with co-workers & bosses that I did not choose. On top of this, spend another big part of my life in the freeway traffic, & all this just for trying to pay the bills.
But, one great day, I received a message-e-mail from one of my friends, which lit the deep darkness of my mind. The message was so simple, so sincere & so persuasive, that I could not ignore it & I started to read. The message was “…why not to try Network Marketing business… do some studying & see if it makes sense to you. It is a very amazing type of business. Now days, for the ordinary people like you & me, Network Marketing is the only way to succeed. A few years ago, I was in a very similar situation like you are now, with lots of failures & disappointments, but one nice day, someone introduced me to Network Marketing’s concepts & its benefits. Soon, I started XanGo business which is working with the same concept. And, you know what, you are not going to believe me, in my first year (2004 tax year) I made $185,000 profit. I am very impressed & excited with XanGo & with Network Marketing overall. I never saw so much money in my life. With XanGo, by making almost 4 times more than my prior regular-job, I also had more free time to spend with my family; to do things that I like to do & finally I was able to afford to let my wife not to work & to stay at home to take care of our kids. And also, finally we had a chance to travel. By the way we just came from our 24 day European trip. First time I saw a Paris, Madrid, London & Rome. It was a very amazing trip. When I was working in my regular job, if you remember, I was always complaining about my commute & about my boss. No more of that. I am making my own schedule & I am choosing the people to work with. You always used to always complain about your prior business’s overheads. With Network Marketing I have no or very minimum overhead, no rent expenses, no inventory. I do not have to deal with complicated accounting paper works, customer service, shipping or any other similar headaches. Now, I have a bunch of new tax advantages also. The only thing I am doing with XanGo now is that I just sharing the great news about this new, incredibly healthy & indescribably delicious tasting product (Mangosteen fruit’s dietary supplement beverage). I am also letting the people that I meet in my daily life; know the Great income opportunity with this company. That’s it. And you know what, whoever understands all the great health & money making opportunities & join with company, they all are appreciating me for the information that I shared with them. It is a win-win business. I am making incredible income & helping others to succeed also. When I started the business with very low (almost nothing) starting cost, I also received personalized Free website, which made my job even easier. Many times, I just refer people to my website (or they find it), where I have all the necessary information & explanations about the company, product, its health benefits & business opportunity. So, after reading & researching all the materials in my website, if visitors want to sign up, very conveniently they can do the whole process through my website & they will automatically become my customers. It’s so simple. The company has generous multi-level compensation plan, which is very simple to understand. The beauty of Network Marketing is that I am not only making commission from my directed referred (sponsored) people, but also from the people who have been referred by the persons whom I sponsored. This goes up to 9 levels. In short, if I sponsored someone, who sponsored someone else, & that 3rd person sponsored the 4th one (up to 9 level), then I will get paid every time any of those nine people order the products. Like a movie stare who gets paid every time the movie is played, I am getting paid each & every time someone in my organization orders a product. A full 50 cents of every dollar, in fact, is paid out to people just like me & you, just for doing something that you are going to do anyway, once you try this insanely healthy & truly delicious beverage: sharing it with others. XanGo sends me a check, month after month, year after year, for the life of each customer in my network, no matter how big it grows! In a very short time (first 24 months) XanGo already has 200,000 distributors in 13 countries. With their most intriguing health product; in fact it is a brand new category of health product, XanGo is one of the fastest growing companies in their industry! The product’s main ingredient is the mangosteen fruit, a remarkable fruit that has been studied & researched by a third party and independent scientific & university studies as far as 1855, yet is has never before been brought to the USA market, until November 2002 (this is the time when Xango opened its doors). Xango is partnering with a 70 year old, multi-billion dollar German-based Company Wild Flavors, the world’s largest functional health beverage manufacturer. XanGo’s Executive Team is a powerful group of men whose collective experience has put together absolutely the best marketing plan that I’ve ever seen. Many legends of the network marketing industry & lots of very highly paid people are leaving their secure jobs & are coming on board. They see a phenomenal opportunity here, and so do I! If all these growth is taking place, wouldn’t you like to be a part of it? As you can see, I’m excited about this opportunity so much, that I decided to share this incredible chance with you also & bring your attention to Network Marketing. I think, you need to know about it. You can choose any business to join, but the “Key” is Network Marketing. Find a good business which is using Network Marketing principals and by joining them in their early stage, you will surprise how generously you will be rewarded for your work.
“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt & doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now, not tomorrow, Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer.” –Noland Bushnell (founder of Atari computer).
Good luck & I hope, soon you will be very successful also…
After I finished reading this letter I was impressed, and got excited & extremely curious. Right away, I started to research & study Network Marketing’s concepts, principals, advantages & benefits. After completing my “homework”, I was surprised with the results. It is an incredible method & for those who have little or no money to start their own businesses, I think it is the only method to succeed. My decision was that I definitely wanted to start Network Marketing business, but with what company? After carefully comparing several network marketing companies, I ended up with XanGo also. However, this is my personal opinion & the decision was based on my own research & by considering my own specific situation & abilities. Another person might choose a different company.
Shortly, I started my own XanGo business. I instantly received my own free personalized website & some other marketing tools & jumped in to the business. Surprisingly, I stared to sign up people much easier & with lesser effort than I was expecting. This is my second month with the company & I am already very excited, satisfied with my growth & successes. The most important is that I clearly can see the Great Potential & Incredible Money Making Opportunity. For me this is the “the biggest” opportunity that I have ever had or will ever have.I am not making much yet (since I am very new), but at least everything that I am getting is my pure profit, because I have almost no expenses and overhead. I am so happy that finally I have found the type of the business which I was looking for, for a long time. Like Robert Kiyosaki said “The rich people in the world look for & build networks.
Every one else looks for work.” Thanks to the letter which I received, I got back my “dream”, and day to day it is getting closer, and bigger & bigger

About the Author

After 12 years career in accounting and management, finally I found the best Home Based Business.

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