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How Do I Start a Home Business?
From time to time (at least once a day actually) I'll get an impossible-to-respond-to email that says something like, "How can I work from home?", or "I want to start my own home business. Please send info." or even, "Please send free info."....
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If you are like most people you have seen all kinds of moneymaking opportunities. Some were credible and some incredible!! In order to find a homebased business that will help you earn a part time or full time income you will have to eliminate the...
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Making Time For Your Family and a New Internet Home Business


Starting your own internet home business can be a very fulfilling experience. It offers many new and exciting challenges, with the hopes of providing financial security for you and your family. To this end, a home business also requires a serious commitment and can easily consume a large portion of your time if you donít plan properly.

While searching the internet for business opportunities, youíve undoubtedly encountered claims of how working only a few hours per week can result in a successful home business. Although it is true that after your business is established you could potentially devote less time towards it, this is not normally the case in the beginning.

If youíre new to internet marketing or the home business industry, you should initially plan on spending at least 2-3 hours per day researching your products and developing your website. You should try committing even more time if youíre not working a day job or have other obligations prohibiting you from doing so.

Believe it or not, one trap to avoid is spending too much time on your business Itís very easy to become immersed in your business because there is always something to do--a new product to review, updating your website, responding to emails, etc. Before you know it, you wonít have time for anything else.

This can be especially problematic when you have a family. For many of us, the benefit of spending more quality time with our family was the reason we started our home business to begin with! Because so many new home business owners struggle between spending time with their families while trying to get their business off the ground, I offer the following tips.

1. Take one entire day off per week. Yes, this means NO WORK. Spend time with your family and friends and as far away from your business as possible. Believe me, the business wonít go anywhere. Plus, the day off will help to alleviate burn out. If youíve worked more hours than usual in a particular week, take two days off.

2. Set aside 1-2 hours every evening for family time. From 5:30-7:00, for example, you could have dinner with the family, help the kids with their homework and squeeze in time for walking the dog. If possible, try to choose this same time everyday. A structured schedule will allow you to better plan your time.

3. Stop working at a specific time every evening and stick to it. For example, you can turn off your computer every night at 10:00 p.m. You can use this time to catch up on the news and tend to other personal matters. This is also your time to relax and unwind from a hard dayís work.

Learning to manage your time is critical to a successful business and living a full and happy life. Thereís nothing wrong with being dedicated to your business, but your family should be your first commitment. Make time for your spouse, children, parents and friends now, because before you know it, youíll be wondering where the time went.

About the Author

John Purdy is an affiliate marketer and operates his own internet home business. For access to free affiliate programs, work at home opportunities and other resources on the home business industry, visit his website at http://www.home-business-concepts.com

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